Tuesday, May 03, 2005

what are we up to?

weekend super, just a few things to laugh and be happy about like a First lady disrupting a bash for a world bank representative i will not bitch about Lucy all i'm suggesting is that she needs to be confined promptly! i think this country has become short of stories so mama lucy has to keep entertaining us voila!
She has given us reason to talk about her the whole week , you know like the Wambui -Mbugua story when she married a jamaa fit to be her grandson, and you get the whole nation to talk about the same thing at the same time, such moments are rare. Meanwhile we forget that Biwot wants to join Govt and some LDP are not happy about it who cares all we want to talk about is Lucy and her latest stunts you know like walking around to all the News rooms at night, i was almost forced to think that she is a night runner, no she is not, she is just unhappy that some mistress is getting airtime in the news for giving out 10M and you know what she has to get her attention, you see we have already forgotten Wambui gave Othaya hospital 10M haven't we.
You know i love Wambui, even after she was denounced by the Prezzo, she took her body guards and walked around shoppin, actions speak louder than words, hell hath no fury like a woman denounced by a man and more if that man happens to be a prezzo.
This is not saga i want to end quickly two women, one man and the man is president.

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