Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kikuyu bashing

Should I apologize for being a Kikuyu woman
I was talking to some guys some time and at one time they made a reference to the way Kikuyu women look. Wella, I know we are not God’s gift to mankind read men, and not all Kikuyu women have that look which most girls of other tribes love to bash Kikuyu women about like my friend above but all the same is there any reason why anyone would want to make you feel that mother nature had them as favourites when designing them.
I’m quite tired of Kikuyu women bashing.


  1. I think the phrase "God's gift to X" is a back handed compliment

    On face value doesn't it sound like a nice thing?

    Yet for me, I don't consider being classed as a group present a nice thing. If a fellow family member was saying I am a gift to the family that is nice. But to imply that I am this present to a group of nameless faceless people is a bit insulting. That to me reduces my purpose for being put on this earth to levels that I consider disturbing.

    No woman, Kikuyu or otherwise should be considered God's gift to men.

    As for the certain look that Kikuyu are meant to have...what is this look? Surely people should be rising above stereotypes?

    Kudos to you for standing your ground!

  2. MJY, thanks, the Kikuyu stereotype say the women have bad legs,don't have the ideal shape of 36-24-36, big boobs, u know, they are a bad lay,
    i agree with you that no one should be classed as every of us has their own attributes, this same discussion has been on mashada some time

  3. For me it's not so much the Kikuyu bashing but as MJY says, it's the whole ethnic stereotyping that gets me. I have a workmate who never ceases to make jibes at my tribe, saying, 'aiee you women from X are so....'. It never fails to madden me...

    So these days I give her this cold, blank stare...

  4. tribe bashing is thea all the time i even do it i must admit but now it's usually a general nature but when it comes to the very being of ourselves i don't think it's quite funny,i will stereotype kyuks love money and hence they are enterprising, jangos love fine things in life so they look for them that is fine and it does exist for sure. but when it is aspects of wat a woman is proud of her body or wat makes her a woman as opposed to a man, it doesnt augur wel with me.

  5. I love this post. Awhile ago I met this guy who was shocked when I told him that i was Kikuyu. He was shocked ati cause I dont look like the 'typical' Kyuk. Let me tell you the problem with Kenyans, they stereotype way too much. Like now, how im I supposed to look? I mean thats just stupid. I am also very tired of Kikuyu bashing on women especially. In this modern day, tribes should not matter. I mean, how do other people in Eurpope, North America etc survive and they dont have tribes? Shiroh Im with you 100%!

  6. Nice blog . I quite cannot understand at this day and age, someone out there still stereotype about the looks of one tribe as compared to the other. I can understand the precolonial era that most people tend to have features attributes associated with their tribe because the intermarriages among tribes/race was not that high but now most people are product of mixed races and tribes, so how can one assume I don't look kikuyu because my physical features do not potray that.
    For someone to think that,then it shows their level of ignorance and personally i find it insulting when someone posses such a question to me that I dont look kyuk which I have been told many a times.

  7. You guys have got to be living in a parallel universe because the stereotypes I know of kikuyu women are totally different. I was surprised 2 days ago when a schoolmate of mine from Jamaica asked me whats up with kikuu women. I asked for her to elaborate and she told me she met a guy who had been to kenya and fell for kikuyu women (?!) and is totally obsessed by them...go figure.

    Stereotypes are wrong blah blah, however, kyuk chicks in my book are known for being notoriously beautiful and a catch....until they decide to clean you out. Which guy actually says big boobs are a bad thing...? Asimame ajitetee!

  8. Relaxxxxx its just a joke. Mguu kama hockeystick, forehead 'on steroids', suffer from nasatal (no ass at all), dead in bed, it is all a joke just the way jokes about other tribes are there. Relax tu don't take it seriously. As for the Jamaican...have you seen how ugly Jamaicans are?

  9. Hello I just stumbled into this area and I know this comment is late but, If a Revolution started tomorrow and all blacks came back to Africa would there still be stereotypes? I hope not, listen If your skin is black then you are my brother or sister, see im American and here the stereotype are aimed at all blacks, so I find it hard to stereotype someone who looks like me, If we all came together then Blacks around the world would have it much better in this world

  10. Kikuyu women are God's gift to the gikuyu nation. Seriously sisters, you are the hottest women on this planet. Don't let nobody cheat you. We love you.

    Kikuyu man.