Monday, May 23, 2005


Ever gone to shop for goods in some markets like Gikomba you find a long list of people all waiting to sell the damn thing that you are looking for and at last you end up paying bloated prices.The thing a different person shows you what it is you are looking for, somebody else tells you the price and then you pay some other person.At the end of the day you pay for the goods and you pay the broker.Where did the concept of brokering come from and why can't i wish it away?


  1. hey wassup!

    thanks for your big-up and link to kenya blogs.

    just wanna know a few to blogging, just put what i can. How do you weka links and photos? i signed up for the kenyablog and i just want to know how to put the link on my blogger.

    kidogo help will be appreciated.

  2. because brokers are known to be always broke...hence the name. but what yu can do to avoid paying the bloated prices next time is to kaa macho! just donn deal with anyone who doesnt have the direct link to the goods yu are buying. believe me, Gikosh used to fuck me up big tym...aren't people in there just too wise for their years?

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