Monday, March 20, 2006

Man Day Rant

Unedited Version

That will sound more like a Man Day Rant coz it is

The more I avoid alcoindulgence the more it fuatas me!

If I was still watering beds like I did a decade ago, imagine the stench!! wasalalah

So yours truly here is sufferin on man DAY asubuhi becoz she can’t wachana with alco (ya sare or otherwise)

I thought the Armenians were unwanted until jana.

You want the Armenians out, women want more Armenians in.

Waarmenia, spend on average Ksh. 150.000 on food,----------- and their girlfriends!!! Jesus their girlfriends!!!

Why not be a girlfriend and earn Ksh. 20,000 (rumor has it) every day. And they ati don’t ask for strokage copyright at Muts. Where at Armenians,….Junction, Mediterra…(yes that one)

Kenyan brodas are broke broke broke …e….e…..e…..e. yes all of you brothers taking us to mouth watering nyama choma joints mshindweeeeeeeee. Iko Armenian brodas. I hear after Armenians are Nigerian bros yo! Wakenya tafuteni pesa..a.a…a

Iko the sambaza me type. Nisambaze a sok my guy nimpigieko kasimu my guy. Please call me thank you…….and a sister asks “But why thou ask thee to call thou my guy” I love you sisto. Love on my Credit. Mshindweeeee………

But this one “ I am about to shuka sweetie, si you just kuja to the bus stop and hook me up with a finje………” Style up!!

Cheapstakes! Aint no golddigger but aint dealing with a broke nigga yo! Kenyan sistos are saying. Mwache hiyo tambia ya kutoanisha madame. Yes you stop!!!

Real Event
Those of you who know Parklands jua Engen where cool guys hang out
Muthuri: sweetie can I take you out for dinner
Mutumia: ooh yeah
Knowing a lunje broda can be broke fortunately carries her kapurse

After dinner, dude decides huko sijui he has lost cash! Akwende huko you Lunje brother (loser). Lost money wapi? Can we report to the police? Money lost auuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

All those Kenyan cheapstakes muwache tabia mbaya. Check your money not lost before dinner.

Ati ooh
Mamanzi wa siku hizi are expensive. They want to be taken out sijui every week. Tafuta pesos, rands,dollars, euros, mashilingi.. Women are goddesses you hear me na mshindwe tena! ,. No pain no gain.

Female folk suffering
Where in Kenya
Waarmenia mko wapi???