Thursday, March 02, 2006


We are a 100

I will be sharing one true article i found when i was still probably 20. It is called The Three Cardinal Sins. Priceless

Still going a long way. Shuddered by the breaking news today.

I am afraid to be the crowd shouting as themselves. Lets wait and see. Let us not crucify, though it is very tempting to do so. Full story first and I am reminded again that i am lawyer first then a layman second.

Anyway this post is just to shout to all who care to listen that i have 100 posts to my belt. I wonder if that qualifies me for a Caine Prize.

Keep your noses Clean to borrow from Mr. Mafioso of Askmen.Com

Still reminding you that all who are interested in the Meet up to contact Nick Boo and yours truly here.

March 11th is the date since Bankelele is watching Arsenali and all those other games on 12th.

And oooh, Kenya bloggers were being interviewed by Ben Singer of Nation. I wonder what he will write! Not holding my breath though...

Milo will host one in your honour in April and Kenyan Gal in June.

I am tempted to give my number but nooooooooooo......


  1. First to wish you another hundred. Meanwhile I am throwing stones all over if any hits you don't say I did not warn you.
    And I am first yaay!!

  2. wooooooooooi, I don't believe they actually rarided the standard offices!! And Kibaki as usual is saying nothing eh?

  3. Congrats on the century!!

    Endelea vivyo hivyo!!

  4. Evidence pointed to an intention of inciting ethnic hate and animosity leading to a breach of the peace," the statement added. "The police have evidence of monetary inducement being used to perpetuate this activity which involves a series of fabricated articles aimed at achieving instability."
    the state has every right to use what ever means at its disposal to safeguard the country. having said this it is upon both sides to act responsibly. why does the standard print false stories how do we know that the government isnt right that it is being used to creat conditions that can lead to instability

  5. Happy 100th na uendelee vivyo hivyo.
    Lovely weekend.