Friday, March 17, 2006


Happy Birthday Nicholas and with that smile .

I like that picture;sometimes i wish i was a work of art. Paloma of Cuandos Seas Mia looks like a work of art.

What am i saying?

Ati now that there is mnyambuliko of blogging

I almost had a bad week. But me don't allow such things.
So i went to the Club yesterday.

My God why do somethings have to be done in aerobics class. Methinks they are better off as bedroom acrobatics. To add pleasure in the whole up and down.

Now that it is Friday; what? No alcohol No meat! Aki Lent.

Tell a Friend's Secret

You all have those secrets that your friends tell you under oath.
Now such secrets sometimes destroy you, make you ache to tell someone but you realize you just can’t. Some are hilarious and others downright sad.
With no further ado;

Coitus Interruptis

My pal and his/her other significant went to have dinner on a Friday night. It must have been on one of those restaurants where it takes quite some time to have your dinner. So they decided to engage in such like activities in the back of the car as they were waiting for dinner to be ready.

In the heat of things (that is my own not as told) the watchman of the hotel came knocking on the window of the car and it was over. Little to say they paid for a dinner which they didn’t consume.

When told such a story do you ;

I chose to imagine
When caught; you dress up (assuming they were not dressed or partly dressed) quickly assuming that the watchman did not see any coital movement.

If you are the chic look down blushingly pretending you did not see what was cuttin. Look at the jamaa to see his reaction. Both of you are feeling so ashamed for you could have waited till you get home.

Tip (Ok bribe) the watchie heavily and drive out as fast as you can to avoid any further discussions.

Moral of the story: There are rooms in a hotel which charge per hour to cater for the type who can’t wait for dinner to get ready.

I need to rename my avatar; ebu suggestions. I don't want to be buzzted.

My secret; When my dad bought me the first phone, i hardly remember sleeping. Overexcitement.


  1. ho ho....thats so crude.
    reminds me when we were boys and somehow had to make out with the neighbourhood supuu. problem is the folks abruptly cut short their sato kiama sessions and appear unexpectedly!!!
    yani mnapatikana with pants down.
    maze, the beating that one gets!!!
    sitting in class becomes a problem for a week.


  2. @Kritik,kumbe you used to play cha baba na cha mama, tsk tsk tsk,..

    I need to stop using the name Shiroh for anonymity purposes.

  3. ha buzzted!!!
    we all did. it really was fun and crude sex education. trouble was when it came to making babies.....
    somehow we'd try to figure where babies came from to no avail..
    the solution was simply buy babies from the supermkt and order the weakest kid in the block to be the baby!!!

  4. U gal wewe What a lesson.
    Pole sana juu ya Lent.
    You need to change your Avatar.. Lemmi think all weekend then come with suggestions.
    Lol @Kritik

    Lovely weekend

  5. hehehahahaha for once your post is interesting and pretty funny. I find your post and like most other blogger posts really like boring and not different. I dont want to read a composition about your interview hallllllooooooooooooooo.......Hey shiro thats really hilarious imagine, your pals must be really uncivillized coz, that sounds like really iky iky iky. But funny... opps am i civillized though? When do yall have the next blog meeting... hehehehehe that was funny heheheh funny shagging kwa gari. BAD LUCK IT BRINGS BAD LUCK i tell u. Tamasha is my watering hole. Lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffalos, leopards meet up at that place. Love watching as they all act out like peacocks. heheheheheheheh. the circle only has one side. invite me invite me invite me invite me. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

  6. Ati interruptus - ningemwambia watchie a relax kando nimalize tuonge - boss!!

    But its bad to be caught with your pants down, when they are wet!!!

    Hiyo hali ya kufanyanafanyana, kufanyiliwa na kufanywafanywa kwa gari is very dangerous I tell you!

  7. @ shiroh
    The lesson of the day or should I say night when it comes to coitus interruptus is that always bribe the watchie before hand so he can be your lookout!Do you want to change your avatar or your handle?Avatars are all over the net as for handles try wakili.blogspot or sumthin since you are in the law field.Later....

  8. id send the watchie to check if the dinner is ready. Grace under Pressure, cool calm and collected-thats me

    Thanks for the bday wish kasupuu.

    i wanna change my blogs name as well

  9. Nakeel, i will with no doubt be waiting.
    @mindhunter, thanks for the insight. YOu know it is just us guys, we are just boring. I would invite for you generous rib tickling post. Could i hook you up with my username and password. And ooh you are invited to hookup with some of the most boring guys most likely in April.
    @Milo, tell me about it, do you have any first hand experience.
    @Aco, seems to have first hand experience. NOw i know
    @Nick, watchie of course wil be pretending to be furious. Is you bribe and walk out very fast.

  10. tihihih, gal damn, that was funny. Now, not even bring up that one for being busted sijui parking lot.... Oh men! DO NOT EVEN GO THERE.
    Anyway, let's just say some passion cannot wait till you get home. Whaddaya do then huh?

    How are you? I am hitting your inbox now now....with suggestions of that ka change in name. Me I tell you, I would Nefa effa divulge mi nome. Do you even remember my name sponge bob?

  11. Some more

    We always burst out in laughter at mnyambuliko wa vitenzi in Swa class. I still cannot help smiling.
    Do not ask me to explain.

    As for the car escapades I can only say Ohmigod!! I can assure you that the watchie, watched for a few precious seconds before knocking on the window.Just for kicks.

  12. @KM, buzzted, parking lot ha we know jua your style.
    Of course i do kumbuka the jina...ngoja i am bribed to tell
    @prousette, had to add some more.
    Would you rather be the buzzted or the kawatchie..tough choices i tell ya.

  13. Boy did this blog not hit home..back in my youthful frisky and one of my victims provided ummmm some form of entertainment to two watchies in a carni parking lot....
    The coitus was not of dude pulling out because the moment was about to be finalised...but rather by a loud knock on the window thanks to a big ass flashlight the watchie was holding...not to mention the smirk he had on his face.
    Cut the long story short....bribe..sweet talk...more bribe...
    bribe worked...
    the trauma- anyway we went to carni danced the night away and did not engage in any fornicative manner ( well not in public anyway ) for that night.
    Ahhh memories .....sigh...

  14. Jezebelle,there was time in Carni, guys just went mad. Especially huko kwa swings.

    It is called risk taking.
    Thanks for the confession.

  15. Shiroh - Yeaahhh them swings ( home of "bad manners" ) ...loool I used to heng in the name of going for " youth choir practise / church sleepovers"
    My old lady was not into Church so she used to think I was on the right path..kumbe Im with the Devil and his peeps..

    I fele sorry for the tois I shall have coz I have used every excuse imaginable to go DISCOS as my mum so put it !