Thursday, March 23, 2006

Battle of the sexes

Shiro says “Some Kenyans are broke”
Results : a lot of protestations; ooh generalization..ooh sijui sensible woman

Udi says
“And does a blog blowjob feel as good as a real one. Coz I am having a probo meeting kenyan women who give nice head.”

No one talks.

Ok Kenyan women the key to giving nice head is not to give one at all. See at Nakeels.

Introverteds even say “Women must take care of the Act so as not to fertilize their own seeds. Wazi Milo again. If you don’t want a kid, you have no business asking for some.

Someone tell me what is wrong with our Kenya Yetu Daily. I mean NYD. Bring it men.

As a result of my previous post I will have to kiss up to Mental. He actually thinks that Lunje brother is him despite Milo swearing its OWW. Now Mental is the sweetest man ever. The day I met him, he even dropped me home! A thing many men cannot do since I live a bit far.

Come here her Mental (((((((((((((Mental))))))))))))))))))). Now how is an e kiss given Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Mental. I hope Ms K doesn’t read this or am dead.

I did not have any date over the weekend. Not any so Tomas I did not have a bad date. Since I hear you are a sweet under 18 is how?

Joe, I am a sensible woman. I will still hug you.

Guess would you mind releasing M to KM? Mafia to Kenyan Mafia

Just to say I appreciate you all. You make my day. KBW rocks!

Did I hear Milo will be down here in April? And he has even booked a place at Wanjeris where there is a well endowed waitress who gives him stories at the weird hour of the night. Remember Milo all women look good after midnight.


  1. It was not OWW. Don't you know he called me, Kwess and Mami Mia to his place and gave us bread and tea with milk? Ala!

    Yaaay! Milo is coming home....

  2. I am not done with you!I'll be back, got other errant ones to deal with first!

  3. ok, am lost....
    someone find me, please

  4. as i see it, there's no battle. mars and venus must compromise.

  5. @KM, the honour is all yours. This OWW of yours who is even all calling museum.
    @Aco, i know your plan. I have back up.
    @kritik, you are at Shirohs rerax , take a seat and kunyua kikombe moja ya chai. Of course provided by OWW.
    @Bankelele,be the peacemaker

  6. @KM


    Sasa kila mtu is chokozaring Milo left right and centre in KBW...

    Can't a brotha have some peace yaye!!

    Ati Wanjeris?


    I didnt say that u have no business asking for some if you dont want a kid my dear LOLOLOL

    I just said that life seed shud not be sown ovyo ovyo...

    Enyewe koboles and ndururuz have been poured to finish me!!! LOL

  7. Women are made to be loved, not understood.
    Oscar Wilde

  8. lol. my comment found its way out here. damn. i feel honored. i think.

  9. Again, sisemi kitu, except...

    "If you don’t want a kid, you have no business asking for some."

    You really believe this? Sex is only for procreation?

  10. Who is that anon? Eh? The one wirth Oscar Wilde and a nice quote...Shiro, njethera pris!!

    Lol @ Milo...ati 'yaye'. Tihihiih

  11. under 18? maybe maybe not. who knows? seriously who knows? (silence)
    I can be anything u want me to be

  12. Uuh Tomas,i will simply call you my under 18. Sometimes i wish i was given an opportunity to spoil here is it. Wewe!!!

  13. Can I join Kritic in being lost?

    M is blogically released, but not otherwise... :D

    Have a great weekend Shi..

  14. Guess, it is called random. Nothing in particular. I get lost in my own blog sometimes.
    Thanks for releasing M,

  15. LOL Shi, I don't own Mental, no matter what they are saying. So no need to watch out for me.

    Now, sasa, when is that next meet up?? Milo must be ambushed while the rands are still fresh!!!

  16. @Ms K, you said D sent you the gift. Random guess D could be Daudi. But let it end there. Milo is coming mid April. So we could be targeting that long weekend of Labour Day.

  17. LOPL Shi, how many D's do you know? Off the top of my head I know atleast 10. Actually make that 15.

    But it could be Daudi. Hmmm......

    May is far!!! Anyway, nitangoja tu!

  18. It is the gambling that is expensive. I knew i could be ducking missiles but seeing you are not so hostile. I will just bet it was/nt Daudi.

    Ok what do you suggest? Milo said he is coming mid April, so we kinda have two weekends. Ama the NJY could work for April? That Friday, hoping i will not be so broke!