Thursday, March 30, 2006

For you only

A look at the distance
And i see your toothless gum
Grinning at me
And though the smile will be faded
I still wonder
Will i be the one to give you that smile

When your hair has given up to the greying
When everyone in your company is a mzee
And everyone in my company is a cucu
For we will be wise
I still wonder
Will you hold the glue that will be us

Will you let me be the one woman
That you will cherish
Or will you let yourself stray
To the hands of deceitful women
Will you come home to me everyday
Or will you run your home from the bars
I still wonder
Will you let us be

Will i be the envy of the womenfolk
Or will you make us the story
Of the vanity of marriage
Will you listen to what i have to say
Even when what i have to say is useless
Wil you remember my 90th Birthday
I still wonder
If you could be the one

Will you give hope to our children
Will you be there to give them love and wisdom
Or will you shudder at how useless they are
Will you give them the wisdom of your years
Or will they run at your sight
I still wonder
If you are the one

Most of all
Will you love me
With my bad Kikuyu legs
With all the weight i shall gain after 4 births
With all my faults
Even when i cannot make you proud
Will you?


  1. You have bad kyuk tu-miguuz?

    Lakini that is some deep stuff Shi...

    Ni composition yako orijino?

  2. Second.
    Milo is such a diver aki. I am sure Milo you were always first those ati dining hall queues etc. You are for ncha mbele Milo!!! Aiiish
    LOOL. Ati toothless gum. Yikes! Shi!

    That is a deep, scary post. Finding that person is well.....hard.

    Best wishes

  3. Milo si you know i have booked you a seat.

    Wooi Milo i cannot even pronounce the word "plugia." Yeah, i think its reflection time for most of us. Bad legs (lol). You will have to beat me to see them. Wooiyee i didn't ask for them

    @KM, consolation prize will be with you.
    I am actually scared for i cannot spell the word "divorce". I don't want to KM, i don't want to (almost in tears thinking about it)

    There are few good men and women

    1.The few men are taken
    2. The rest are gay.
    3. The others are not your type

    Yes there are very few

  4. Will you love me
    With my bad Kikuyu legs
    With all the weight i shall gain after 4 births

    That part made my day!Nice!But as for those 3 points women are just too damn picky!There are many good men going to waste all over the world!That and the fact that some of ya'll just search in the wrong places!

  5. nice poem ..

    lol@"toothless gums", "faded smile"

  6. baby, i will be there mpaka when we fika 120 yrs. even if we will be kissing through dentures

  7. Lovely one gal gat me rolling.
    We #2 thats my place

  8. Well I hope they stick around. As for the cucu's party on at my old people residents BYOW (brine your own walker!!!)

  9. Kissing through dentures LOL. Si you'll just take them out!

    Nice one Shi (can I call you that?) And I feel you on those Kyuk legs. A man who doesn't love my kyuk legs doesn't go far! LOL

  10. This is quite nice - I found myself laughing (more like a toothy grin right here) at some of the points.

    There are good men around Shi, we just dont look at them cos they dont tick some box -I am guilty, I know. Hope you find him and he makes you happy on your 100th Birthday - with that toothy kiss LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  11. @Aco, are you one of those good men wasting in the world. But something reminds kwamba "umechill" and thats a good thing you know.
    Pointers to the right places needed Lol
    @mama mia, thank you.
    @udi, you naughty one.
    @nakeel,asante sana.
    @ stunuh Lol, ati brine your own walker,
    @ Ms K thanks for giving Udi the answer just take them out, he he he
    Thank you, Ok you can call me Shi since KM started it. You know i wonder who gave the SI unit for good legs, but still i am told Kikuyu legs are bad legs.

    @Guess,asante sana, I hope he wil still have some teeth left.

  12. Hehehe!! Nice one!

    Time is a healer, hence time should also bond and create everlasting ties, regardless of any outside influences but its a different ball game in relationships. Time here does all sorts of wonders!

    Hope that man comes your way gal!

  13. Seeing as I'm not taken, and I'm not gay, I must be not-your-type. Wait. If I'm not taken and I'm not gay, I can't be anyone's type. Figures.

  14. woiye concubine...i will still accept u with ur sorry excuse of lower limbs..but sweetie toothless i shall never be...but we shall tengenezeko u the firmest of dentures sweetie so that u can enjoy ur nduma delicacies without havin them stick and disloodging

  15. Well, heres myy two cents shiroh
    Load up on - dentures and denture paraphenelia to take care of the "toothless smile"
    - Easy Black hair dye by Kiwi for the greying hair
    - Lingerie, preferably crotchless ones ( not from wear and tear )
    - gym membership to take care of the weight problem and to work on developing some claves for the aforementioned kyuk legs !

    Let me know how things go dear !

  16. LOL @sorry excuse for lower limbs,nick you are insufferable really.
    Shi HE is there just keep our eyes open you will find yourselved soon enough but in good time.
    As you are not hurrying towards your 90th birthday you have time on your side.
    Have a lovely week.

  17. Totally deep and real. Issues that we wonder about secretly.

  18. the mind and soul will be willing, but alas the body..........
    lets just say, will be another "poem"
    hmmm, this is foresight..
    90 expectancy in kenya
    <50 years..
    nice poem.

  19. @k.i.d.a.d.a, thanks, I also believe time is a healer and creates bonds
    @Samb, wacha uchokozi bro
    @nick, i will surrender me to thee at this rate forever. Ati sorry excuse for lower limbs
    @jezebelle, noted sweetheart
    @prousette, i take you seriously. I hope so. Wish me luck
    @4sheezy, agree with you.
    @kritik,thanks kid wea have you been