Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I had a tantalizing post in mind but those dead cells have refused to churn what marked the third Meet up of KBW.

In the mix of Kengen IPO, Goldbiz,dental practices and customer service, the KBW meet up sounds like a TED conference. Totally lacking were lap dance, tequila sips, waitress harassment but more (which remains hidden until the saboteurs own up)

In attendance
Kenyan Musings

3 people who probably heard of KBW that same day

Persons who claim were in attendance but highly blame it on me for otherwise

Persons who couldn’t make it
Ms K (Not feeling well)
M (job mingi)

The M Mafia keeps terrorizing; so they were obviously up to something.

I do not have the contacts (Phone)
Kenyan Pundit

See the trend of the K’s.

Statement of the night

Ajamaa to KM

“You are for real KM, I thought you were a bright dog”

To say the truth, we had a blast and went home at the wee hours of the morning (read after 4).

I will spare all of you your misgivings until the dead cells are rejuvenated. Have all a superb time.

Milo; you are eagerly awaited.


  1. Did you say drunks? LOL!
    Please give details, I shall be there for the next one I promise.

  2. You know, I can practically walk to Buffet Park from my house. It killed me to miss the drama, lakini my housemate laid down the law.

    Seems like it was a blast, as usual. KBWers are tres cool peeps!!

    LOL how did you explain KBW to those who'd never heard about it?

    LOL again at Ajamaa's comment!!

  3. Am I glad someone finally posted about the meet up. The pressure...

    Anyway, it was a blast. I think we were in KBW [I used to see this in posts and think it stood for Kenyan Born Woman] more or less without really being in KBW.

  4. @prousette,i don't know why i posted the pic of drunks united But Banks and some people who are not to be mentioned swallowed the Ruaraka waters quite fast.

    @Kenyan Musings,you know he was insisting even before you came that you are not for real. He jazzed me too though.

    @Ms K, Yeah we had a blast. There is no dull moment in a KBW meetup. Don't listen to your room mate again.
    I could hear the two said jamaaz mentioning the word blogging but they really didn't know what KBW was.
    I was jazzed too by Ajamaas comment, the guy is funny.

    @Samborera, I meant your two pals and KM pal who KM told me didn't know she blogs.

  5. I came late and left early, but I still had to make my EABL quota for the day

  6. I do not understand KBW speak. What is LOL?

    I have not met such an interesting group of people in a long time. I was completely blind sided. I showed up at the meeting a bit apprehensive mainly because I felt it was cheating. I have been blogging knowing that I will never meet the people that read my posts. This has been pretty fun. Being able to say anything. I am now wondering if it will be different now that I have met some of you. How can I read one of KMs posts again knowing that she is real. Although KM may still be a really bright dog or super computer and the chik who showed up on Sato was a fake who had been coached really well.

  7. Shiroh I knew you wouldnt disappoint and yes, I want all the gory details, in email so we can chuckle over it.

    @Dudes at Introverted - you may not be in KBW but damn, I adopted you ages ago - read all you stuff and giggle and wonder and baffle -really good stuff, sorry havent commented yet, just like the 'peeping Tom' way of doing things.

    Yaay - You guys met, without me? *sob* hope we were all represented - KBW peeps are so much fun - all the different spheres of human existence represented.. LOL wait for Milo to get back so the 'mad men of Kenya' can be represented.

    LOL I am keeping mum :D

  8. si we just set up a bar mara moja, some of us will feature several times a year, but we will feature nonetheless! Sounds like a good time. More info...inquiring minds want to know! :)

  9. Seems like ya'll had a ball!

  10. Sounds like you all had a blast.

    @Ajamaa I know it may feel weird at first,after meeting w/(a)blogger(s) but it doesn't last long blog away will ya?

  11. interesting bunch ya'll are. next meetup, sambaza some invites to other kbw members...just a thot.

  12. Kritik, how can i sambaza; check my previous posts where i was asking Kenyan bloggers for their nambas and contacts.

    I did it twice and interestnly very few confamed.

  13. noted. next time
    we'll avail the necessary contacts/nambas

  14. The guys of Buffet told me you guys wachad an unpaid bill!


    Aki we need to know more. I now see how bad it feels to be at the other end. Especially given that the details of the prior meet up compared to what actually was posted about said meetup had major discrepancies...

    Ati a bright dog? ROTFL

    Lemme be a silly puppy and ask... Bright in colour as in luminous mofi ama clever as in genius playa?

    Shi - touchdown mid April. Aki mkikutana tena be4 then!!!

    BTW did Nick change his drink to Fanta Passion this time?

  15. lol.. this sounds like a very cleaned-up version!!

  16. hala, no inside scoop/stories of bloggers gone wild? give it, quick! i promise not to tell, aki a nani. sounds like it was fun.

  17. Sounds like y'all had enough fun @ the KBW meet-up on our behalf! I look forward to meeting fellow bloggers someday: what I penda is the display of intelligence and unique personalities.

  18. Yeah better late than never.. Had a cracky nite and was introduced to one Richi ama Viki

  19. Hey Shi! Sad to have missed all you people. Wasnt in town. will most def be there for the next one tho

    BTW:(something we always forget) Thanks for the invite.

    Now: Please release the sleaze, please! please? Preety please???

  20. Kidada, we do not have your number and you have gone AWOL.

    There is most def going to be one in April to welcome back Milo.