Friday, March 24, 2006

The boy is mine

Me loves country and when I hear Dolly Patron singing “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeene , please don’t take my man away” feels like crying.

He he he (laughing at my own jokes which only I can understand)

Now this guy (married) walks in with two women and sits in a place close to where I am sitting in a restaurant.

After a while, the woman shouts in Kikuyu English

“Don’t you know he is a married man?”

I look, such dramaz are interesting.

The girl says something like

“I have my own personal rights”

Guy says

“Wachana na yeye”

Woman says

“Hata unamtetea”

Suddenly the woman who I suspect must have roots in Nyeri holds the girl’s blouse and some of the chest unmentionabos copyright at Milos are out.

That my dudes and dudettes happened yesterday.

Luckily the waiter comes in fast and the poor girl is rescued. Hell hath no fury like a mama scorned.

He he he me kwanza I was telling my date I would have chapad the dude a mega slap,.why shindanilia with a poor gal like that.

Wasichana wa Nairobi lakini wana tabia mbaya
Kuhanyahanya mabwana za wenyewe –tabia mbaya

The number of young girls dating people’s husbands is magnanimous. And prease prease don’t start on the women not taking care of their husbands. Gals simply are having tabia mbayas. Don’t care.

Secretaries kwanza are notorious..yeah my hussie will probably have an old woman in the name of a seki.

Kwani being a seki means being a mistress,personal assistant,; taking care of mdosis all kinds of business. Give me a break!

Sometimes I wish there is a away I could a way I could know a guy is kulain on the side. Sperm counter is a plot ama Milo niaje. But I am sure they would come up with lies like “Aki a mungu I was thinking about you and the damn things mwagikad” ama huko mastrap on.

Aco and Nick i have all of you figured out. Bring it on...

Have all of you a lovely weekend.

Yours truly.


  1. Public Drama! What a palaver!

    I can see you don't need to stay home and watch the soaps on TV while you can kill three birds with one stone - a date (1), a meal/drink (2) and public drama (3). TEHEHEHEHE!

    Have a lovely weekend girl!

  2. damn!! how come we never get to see drama like that!!
    Oh well its all good. (lamme capitalise on the one chance I have to hate on womenfolk)
    Yes walalalalaWasichana wa siku hizi mmm!! stealing peoples husbands mmm!! hata hamna haya?

  3. 'sup Shi.

    Violence is a no no. I would not fight over a man with anyone! Wacha akae!! Kwani men are few like maziwa ya kuku? Collosal Bullshit...

    I like my beautiful self intact thank you very much. Okay, I do not mean to be pissed, but violence, physical or verbal disgusts me. Its low and devoid of class. Can't we all just get along!!??

    nice weekend gal

  4. LOL

    Who was your date? Tell all: address, shoe size, hair height etc

    Na mlifanya nini thereafter - do I smell a post coming up? LOL

    Nani alilipa bill LOLOLOL

  5. @ Mocha Its called public drama. I was just too happy, sio kitu ya kawaida. Kenyans can all qualify for the drama queens in movies
    @tomas, he hang out in the right places
    @KM, just imagine if you were the one caught! It is very possible that you would also have been beaten he he he so in that case your beautiful self gets chapwad. I am kidding right?
    @ Milo, you are mine for the haunting. Aint gonna forgive you right? Kwanza wacha steppin on unmentionabos.
    Of course he paid the bill coz he asked for the date he he he. Ebu you stop haunting me 2 posts later.

  6. whats a man supposed to do???
    kama bibi anavaa stockings when going to bed, and she is in a heavy tracksuit in the name of "its cold dear"
    crap...a man deserves some heat u know!
    so definitely "atathegenya" kando
    and the seki will be an easy launching pad!!
    but on fights, i concur!! its simply bizarre!! no need to fight over split milk..
    nice weekend to ya'll..

  7. At least you have spoken some sense this time round.Nai young mamas have no shame in their game whatsoever I think it is coz of the thirst of what you call "good life" I mean why break your back working for the good life when you can get it lying on your back instead?Not that it excuses men hanyaring but as kritik puts it marrying some Kenyan mamas is a waste of time because no matter how good you are to them they just let themselves go, suck big time in bed and just become an emotional and financial burden so why not trade to the latest Young Gal model?

  8. @kritik, i knew you would go thea.
    @aco, while appreciating your comment, does it mean that men are all so perfect mpaka it doesn't make sense when i talk about their evils. Dont you think you are chewing a bit too hard?

  9. Whats one to do:
    When you meet your neighbour, a prominent member of the society, a bosom buddy of your zakes, Hanging onto some young chica's unmentionables in the club you frequent?

    Been there, had to walk out in silent protest. Its so common mpaka its no longer a story. Ask your chicka. She knows a buddy of hers who has an oldie-friend. What does that say about YOUR chica?

    *Ducking stones from angry mob*

  10. I agree with you gal the number of chiles dating married mens is this Nai is like tripple for one man.
    Tabia mbaya. I gat three colleagues all seeing married men can u imagine and you cant advise them on anything for they are I know it all.
    When it comes to fighting for a man I agree with KM ziiii

    Smilly weekend lovely

  11. Uuii this iz moto sana yani!

    It's true youung chikidees are kwamiliaing married mbuyuz and it's sad and a pity and she had tenacity to say she got her own personal rights, imtellnya they should be spanked.

    Then comes wondering why it happens? is it more secure to be doing a married man? is it the bling? or the ching ching? meg gotsa know, somebody pris pris and those mbuyuz why would they even start fuataing younger women, maze yenyewe it makes me almost believe that marriage ain't always about love but tolerance, about someone you can live with regardless?? Aaaiii tell me why then?

    Great post and have a lovely wknd!

  12. The reason both men and women cheat while in a relationship is becuase something is amiss and neither party airs their grievances so they go seeking it elsewhere - but thats not validate that their actions are to be justified !!!

    As kritik said..when a mama come sot bed in stockingg, girdle, joggin suit and s\gives the old wives excuse of " Im tired " or "have a headache" .. whats to stop the dude from humping a chica who starts showing interest ??

    Same theroy works for men with their attitudes towards their women...if U start taking her for granted - dont be suprised when she insists their next houzi be a dude....he he he

  13. he he he pardon me for the typos - thats why Im no secretary LOOOL

  14. I know this is a serious post, but seriously, another KM classic: "Kwani men are few like maziwa ya kuku?"

    I don't know what it means. I don't even want to imagine what it *might* mean. But it's a classic.

  15. lol. yenyewe i need to be a modsi somewhere and get me a couple of sekis.

  16. what to do now, everyone claims is single nowdays, ati we broke up,. Nai is so beautiful, ukiangalia mbele upande, ndio hawa

  17. @ aco, kritik and all those men who are busy saying ati the wife at home looks like she was run over by three tractors side by side; no excuse because the man concerned has a close appearance to a crocodile upside down (mostly).

    Enyewe chicas are strange. I know one who is juggling two married men and says she will get married at fourty when she has less moto in her loins.
    What do you say to such a person, the day she will have her facial structure re-arranged by some drama queen she will know.

    Nice WE shi!

  18. Of MBAs these men i think both parties are guilty the man and the woman thre is simply no excuse they are both gulity. They say in kyuk "gutiri mwishi na mushuthaniriri" meaning there is no thief and the one looking to make sure that they are not caught.
    Fight not worth it , ati my man no way have him more like good riddance now when you are married its different. Heard a lady of my mom's age say to a younger woman that she is not worried about these small girls coz shes seenthem come and go. After all he thought me good enough to give me his name and you?
    really at the end of the day married men are just not worth it no matter what they all say.

  19. interesting! looking at it another way, this could mean there are more single men in Nai now that single ladies have a thing for the hooked.
    it is not about the stockings though, help your mama around the house so that she is not too tired later on!

  20. @ shiroh
    I have never said men are perfect in fact I point out our flaws quite a bit, mine included!But lets look at it this way, you and many other women want to hook up with a man to get the good life while he hooks up with you for your looks and booty.When you start losing them you no longer hold the initial thrall that you had, so it is obvious he is going to look elsewhere.Remember men are visual beings.
    @ prou
    Well I do agree that more Kenyan men should look after themselves but I have to say that they never let themselves go to the levels that Kenyan women do.I know chics my age who 5 years ago were stunners but now look like 10 years older then me.

  21. LOL! Ati a sperm counter? My dear Kenyans are Kenyans! Some enterprising jamaa will set up refillers huko at river rodi for a fee ....