Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Nairobi Drivers

Every time i am on the road, i always imagine if i had road rage, i would be forced to shoot someone! These are just some of the characters i encounter-

1) Mr Adventure
This guy loves the adventure of being on the wrong side of the law. He can tell you tales of playing cat and mouse with the police. In many cases, he will tell you of all the wrong turns he has made and the police chases. In fact, there is a high chance his driving licence has been confiscated by the police. Keep away from this guy. He will probably have a hit and run some day.

2) Mr. Idiot

This guy is simply an idiot! He tries to overtake on corners, speeds up just when you are about to overtake and would rather die (ahem Kimunya) than give you way.

3) Mr. I don't care

This guy simply does not give a damn on the kind of snarl up he causes when he obstructs traffic. You will often find him blocking other vehicles from accessing the main road while he only is going to a side road.

4 Mr. I don't really know

The guy you really wonder if he ever stepped to the inside of a driving school. He may show tendencies of Mr. Idiot and Mr. I don't care at the same time.

5. Mr. my car knows its way home

1...2....7...............10 too many drinks and the car knows its way home. This guy will probably wake up next to one of those large heaps placed by the Chinese contractors on Thika Road. Those that help you discover the STOP sign just when you break infront of the large heap of red soil.

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