Thursday, December 15, 2005

Slow start

I am hearing this for the umpteenth time “he only wanted me for sex” of course he did.. I am looking surprised/sympathetic and how could he? despite the fact that I want to laugh and loud and confam ooh yeah girl he only wanted you for sex and dammit you knew it and allowed him.

Hoping this is the last of these sob story....i offer hints that strongly indicate that they only wanted her sex.

He asked for it on the first day you met
He looked hot..all of them do, he talked to you like no one else has ever… he was even interested in your kindergarten stories and when he said outlandish words like “lets go to heaven” , you thought it was a good thing only that you didn’t know coming back to earth was never gonna be soft landing. He was gone before you could say “so when are we meeting next. And yeah you deserved it because didn’t your mama tell you well if she didn’t then “asiyefunzwa ….”

It is time to style up…if he asks for it on the first day you met then the truth is he does that every so often and you are no different. So if you want us to believe that you are the nice girl you are and that you actually liked/loved but most probably lusted for him then steer clear of this types. He is a loser, cannot maintain a woman and just want his few minutes of fame.

Hazard Control
Don’t ask for his number, just do your thing and leave before he could, then he will be played in his own game. Don’t ask any details about him, if you have to talk then it has to be “do you have any condoms”

He picked you up on the road
You are walking on the road and this car goes past you and for a moment you wish it could stop. Then suddenly it stops and the owner is looking at you if it is a sports car the more reason you should be worried. You are walking on the road, the guy pulls off the road and starts chatting you up commenting on your God given gifts. Of course anything that can provide a night full of passion is good/hot looking. These types are usually who are married and whose willies will look everywhere but to their wives.
Why do you want to be picked up on the road anyway…

Club flirts
Most of them lie here…..that is their mission to get some that night.

I call them this because they will relently pursue you, buy flowers do all those things, call you a thousand times a day. They will vanish as soon as they get some. The calling will suddenly stop and will be replaced by the word “busy”. The day you hear this word girl run……go… go because that is it.

Hazard control
My two cents for this girl I am talking to is take your time. Anyone who is interested in night activities is a loser. Dig up his past even if it is hiring investigators. You will be shocked that one of your best friends is a latest ashamed beneficiary of this treatment.

Be wary of perfect men because they are all gone. Most nice guys do not even know the price of chocolates that is why to you they are boring but for good purposes at least they can be trusted to bring the next generation.


  1. Friends First!

    (oh, and I'm first to comment!)

    If you want something lasting, start out slow, build a friendship.

    If you want something quick and easy, go for it. Just don't complain.

    Keguro's rules to live by.

  2. Tell, tell!

    Hhehehhe eti let's go to heaven? and those who are w/out chocolate price clue are the ones to bring in next generation? lol

  3. @keguro,mmh thanks for the tips
    @Mocha, ooh yeah i am trying
    @Poi,imagine some guys jus don knu the price of chocolates

  4. Now, I have to ask, when you say the price of chocolates, do you mean the ones from vending machines?

    I lived on them throughout undergrad, when I was very, very poor.

    Snickers: 65 cts.
    Twix: 65cts.
    Potato Chips: 50 cts.

    These prices are important!

    (I believe my weekly budget was something like $3)

  5. Well it takes getting dumped and heartache for gals to realise that the "boring" and "nice" guys they rejected are actually a better bet then the bad boys.Thing is that by the time some gals realise this all the nice guys are gone.Oh well that's life for you!

  6. hehehe...i guess we never learn, do we? one of my gals just started dating a guy who has a reputation around town. she knows the reputation (who doesn't) and has even asked him 'bout it only to be told "you know how kenyans are, they're just haters!" she comes to me for advice (more like approval) and i know she doesn't wanna hear "don't date him" so i tell her the only thing i can..."you already know what you want so go ahead and do it. if he breaks your heart, i promise not to say i-told-u-so, u can come and cry to me all you want". it's been a month and they're already having "issues"...

    point is, chicks know when a guy's for real and when he's not. it's pointless to come crying about the sex later. just enjoy it and move on! lol

  7. @keguro,we live in different time zones, so when i say the price of chocolate,it is a blanket word to say boring guys who don't jua how to buy their women goodies he he
    @acolyte,ooh yeah nice guys finish last,
    @cute angel, lol, tell her, its just Same Script, Different casts

  8. how blog yako iko na pop-ups? ama ni mimi?

  9. hey! whaddya mean?! Nicko is the perfect man!! no wait a sec, he's gay..

    oops.. you're right Shiroh, there are no perfect men!