Monday, July 18, 2005

The cry of a destitute child

It is a chilly day on the streets
The children hum happily as they run to school
They look at me gleefully
Hoping that i don't get close to them
I will soil their clothes they say

Who could my mama be
The smartly dressed woman that put a few coins in my cup
Does she probably know that i am here
Does she miss me
Why did she leave me

What does my future behold
Who do i run to
The gangster just shot yesterday
Do i have a choice
The police are here, ready to take me
What is my crime
The gangster was the only hope i had
At least he shared what he got

Is there a brighter day tommorrow
When i will be protected
The child in me has left
I now hassle for bread to eat
Are you safe letting me starve
Can you hear me
Protect me, I cry for help


  1. Your Poem is really touching. It a reminder that i aspire to start an orphanage in future.

    I have a passion to reach out to the underprivelleged/the considered have-nots. So, this just keeps my flame on.


  2. the 2 of you should team up in charity doin: remember sylkwan and pumwani and Poi and orphange:wish u guys all the best

    cilia that was a nice poem especially since am readin it nice and early in the mornin

  3. @poi,keep your dream burning,it's a way to live a fulfilling life.
    @nick , will take your idea seriously, Poi are you listening.

  4. Nice poem. It is so important for us to take note of those that we overlook; to feel their wants,needs and fears. Again..Nicely put girl!

  5. all the more reason to go out and help a child in need, dont have to have money even your time counts.

  6. @KK,It just pissess me how easily we forget the poor in society.
    @gishungwa Yeah i know money isn't a necessity. Will take an action soon. When i used to visit a babies home, it used to jaz me how theraupetic staying with kids. It did help as i was going thru some difficult period.