Monday, July 11, 2005

LIFE 101

It is said Image is everything. How you walk, dress, sit almost everything you do in your life, including the colour of your underwear define you, but what about your thoughts which no one can access.

What do you talk and think about beer, sex, parties. I love to talk about them too. What we watch on TV in dear Kenya tells us that this is hip. This seems to be a preoccupation of the west. But wait a minute aren’t these the same countries that inventions ranging from information technology, management, medicine happen everyday. These are the countries that your everyday 25 year old is a PHD holder. Where your script writer, film producer, artiste goes to every extent to make the movie sell beyond borders.

I could be wrong but to say that the majority of young people in this country probably I included waste most of their valuable time thinking and talking about sex, parties and beer. It is in this country where a person can describe a beer drinking session with friends for a whole hour. It is ok to drink beer, but to talk about it endlessly should be left to hormone charged teenagers.

Anyone who is thinking of being a PHD holder in modern day Kenya is viewed as a geek. Yet we have intelligent people in this country. People, who can triumph in their lives, people who could be the next Jack Welch if they just put a little more effort. Yet this talent and brilliance is going into waste. What is important is no longer important but a new culture of drinking till you drop, that studying and working hard , diligence and integrity is for certain boring people . All the while, we could be making new inventions.

Do I hear an interjection that we have not been given the chance?

John F. Kennedy should be here to remind us again. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

What you say defines you. At this stage in life I mean is time to grow . It is time to do the things that are important in life , get a college education, think of how to progress your career, mend relations with your God. It disheartens me to note that this is the age that many young people want to drink as if there is no tomorrow. The thing is we have all drank beer at some stage of life but is that what should define you?.

For heavenly sake don’t go into drugs. They have ruined people’s lives why do you think they can’t ruin yours. You run into a young person with blood shot red eyes these days and you don’t need an expert to tell you that they are doing drugs.

How many parents want slobs for children? And when you get into your forties you have to beg everybody (hook up me up with your ride, kind of thing) and then think they are obliged to help you out.

What would you think of a person who goes for an interview in jeans?

Look at how many young women are living in the comfort zone of rich old men. I don’t earn pretty much myself as yet and those temptations of having somebody pay your rent, meet your everyday expenses are very much alive. But what do I gain in exchange? lack of ambition to ever survive comfortably on my own. I will live in this man’s shadows forever. And of course I have my dignity to preserve. Why should my present woes overshadow my life purpose.

Yet this is the kind of life many young women have adopted my friends included. I could love to tell them to give up this kind of comfort zone life but you know what I have to mind my own business.

Could it be the reason we blame our woes on everybody else and seldom on ourselves? What are our dreams anyway.

Time and tide waits for no man we have heard on several occasions. The sooner we realize the better.

If I could write this words
With the pen of my heart
I would say that your love
Is but the sweetest my love

If only you could feel
How good I feel Inside
You could hum a beautiful song
Only but thee could feel

If you could walk in my dream
You would smile all the while
Knowing but thee
Keeps me dreaming


  1. Hear hear!

    Well said! Was a drink-drinker and drink-talker for a number of years. Recently moved out of the country and things suddenly changed as time is being channeled to more productive activities. Was back in Nairobi the other day and saw all the bars that have mushroomed in town! Signs of demand... More time, talent and money down the drain!

    There's nothing better than an independent woman that can hold her own. Hopefully those particular friends of yours will borrow a leaf from you and change before it's too late...


  2. @milonare, on drinking i agree with you , what amuses me is what you have said waste of money,time and talent and nobody seems to bother.
    independence it is hard to imagine why one wants to enjoy fruits of work she has not done.

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  4. woiye.. you are SO right.. and it's a real shame that the generations don't even realise that their work ethic is all wrong (completely missing in a lot of cases in fact!)

    and then you have the 'haters'.. who try to deride those brave enough to not follow the lazy norm, by working hard and trying to make a good living..

    *sigh* what shall become of our country??

  5. Wow! to the power of 10. The poem is a killer. I bet you.

    Loved it, loved it. Can i steal for my honey?? No, just kidding..

  6. @ Drinking -- it seems to be an unofficial part of Kenyan Culture!

    Nice poem