Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I had a dream

Today i was late to go to the office, REASON i overslept. I woke up looked at my watch, consoled myself that despite it was past reporting time, i could still make it. As i took a bath, it hit me that i had a sad dream in a woman like myself's history. I had a catfight in my dream.

No fractures or scratched faces. But it worried me to the extent i had to blog about it. I had gone to this guy's house who shall remain nameless. And when i arrive this girl is lying on the couch (sheesh) and the man is sitting just next. She looked at me in a manner that i should take an early exit.

Being a woman's hope for intervention in such a case "that this is a cousin of mine or such crap" the guy said nothing. It was at this time the girl hit. I have never fought any one in my entire life. But i beat this woman senseless. The guy in question just looked at us of course muttering some question like why are we fighting over him. The thing was i wasn't fighting over him but i had been hit.
And for whatever reason i had a right to avenge.


  1. I hardly know much about dreams. Some of them come true, some don't(my thinking).

    Well, if the 'nameless guy' for sure does exist. Just, may be its a warning/signal. Next time you go visiting be cautious and exit ASAP(if anything). No letting girl fights happen.

    Dreams are crazy..

  2. LOL
    A question:
    Was nameless meant to intervene for you or the woman?

  3. @Poi, dreams reflect some times our fears, or the realities but some times can be quite clueless.
    @milonare, i thought it was me he was to intervene for.

  4. In that case I'll agree with poi.
    Dreams are usually an outlet for feelings/emotions/thoughts inside that do not show themselves when we are awake.
    That it happened at nameless's (oops, is that right?) place could be a pointer...

  5. Intersting dream.
    CATFIGHT?? Mebbe you are letting off steam from an earlier internal flight during the day!