Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why the Hell do you

I am ignorant of one factor; i.e. racism,tribalism,sexism does actually exist. I have had a dose of tribalism sometimes like when i went to a college and most staff, from the lecturer i can bet to the tea girl predominantly belonged to one tribe.My former president put all his tribesmen to head parastatals and that my immediate president proceeded to sack all of them and put most of his tribesment to head them. I mean to me it actually appears polite coz it doesn't interfere with the way i do my things at home or wherever.

As for racism , i know for a fact that as a black African i cannot live in certain parts of the estate i live in because they can only be occupied by vegeterians read Asians. What perhaps i never get to understand is how being in my house can actually affect an Asian living living in their house. Anyway i still don't feel so incensed.

As for sexism, apart from that i know many law firms partners are male and it is not for the part of trying for the females that they are not in management, i still won't say i know so much about this one.

Apparently someone forwarded to me an email that reads that BLACKS DON'T READ.Read the article here, it's everywhere in the net. Quoting a personality the article goes on to say "if you wan't to hide something from blacks put it in a book: I felt like i had been pierced, it was not funny all i could say YOU IDIOT! To make the matters worse it is an anonymous article.

Of course after the bitterness and cursing i actually sat down and thought could it actually be true this is how we potray ourselves, kinda beggars. I will be careful not to attract the wrath of some people outa there. For those who don't know Nairobi has been declared the 24th University in African beaten by Makerere and Dar. Having attended University of Nairobi, i can tell you for sure the place sucks like hell. The place is run like some Kiosk, nobody cares ( I am not going to please anyone) , Lecturers do favour some students, there is some resemblance of learning, the library has irrelevant books if you ask me as for ICT lets not go there. I am suprised they even made it to the top 50. That is besides the point , some of the best lecturers in Yale, Harvard, lets say top 50 universities in the world you will find are Kenyans. What i am saying is we have lost our best out there,...that's may be one would say we are selfish. For all good reasons Kenya is not favourable to professionals i.e. economically. would someone be classified as selfish to seek greener pastures abroad..To say while Kenyans offer first world service as for example doctors to Americans, it's own are here dying of many diseases and have to fly out to be treated? Are you the talented 10 who are suppose to help out the untalented 90. I am not in a position to answer that. I have been in a brink of wanting to get out of this place really fast but for a second i am not going anywhere.

You cannot even start counting the benefits of having Kenyans in the Diaspora. I mean why stick out at home whereas you can make it better for others while you are away. But that is beside we must urge people to go out there and come back. Africans have the best brains , as for whites i am not ashamed to say they are all smoked out. That is why they will issue green cards and highly immigrant schemes to only the best of us you know. They are actually afraid their professionals are running out, they would rather play bball and such.

Bullets has quite some things to say on this, only suckers in England work or something like that. It is a pity that while our cotton industries have closed, Exhibitions with foreign clothes continue flourishing. Of course someone is up in arms protesting that the clothes were damn expensive...of course there must be a reason for everything...yeah we keep giving reasons. You i cant do this becoz of that , you know if i did that the economy is down..It just sucks. From now on me and my tailor are best friends..someone tell me of a nice one. Our sugar industry almost went down coz of cheap imports, i don't refuse we are poor but how does saving 5/= help you whereas you can save a whole industry.

Let me give a very practical example of how cheap Kenyans can be. I wanted to sell my phone so i went to some dealer. After selling it to him, he offered me a very nice phone but the market value was like 1500/= more. So i was a bit tempted by the offer but after some deliberations i thought what the hell! I left and went and bought a new phone. So what happens, you buy a second hand phone, kumbe the owner has reported to the police and safaricom is tracking the line. Woe unto you if the phone was stolen where a person died or someone was seriously injured, you will go in for robbery with violence or murder, yet everyday a Kenyan buys a second hand phone with that great risk. When i went to replace my sim card i was shocked, the queue was long, it is so sad. We steal from our own, kill our own. All this time NOKIA, MOTOROLA are making huge profits from us.

Bankelele couldn't have made it worse by highlighting the Illegitimate Parliament stuff , you know.
We we kill each other asking for a new constitution and when it is finally here we kill each other too you know. A Ugandan journalist called the whole process shallow. Our NGO'S shout loudest from Nairobi, so how do you fight from Nairobi while your purpoted activities are supposed to help rural Kenya. No wonder they are NOTHING'S GOING ON. When we will we ever rise beyond personal and selfish interests and tell the truth?

But whoever wrote that "YOU ARE STILL AN IDIOT!"


  1. Hello Shiro...Nice article....BTW are you still in Nyeri? I could give u a couple of stories having grown up there.

  2. Nice post!Well the worst thing is that we in the diaspora are hated on big time by kenyans back home.If only the knew how much we would like to be back home!But sometimes the opportunites we want are not available at home.But at the end of the day only we can save ourselves...Jungus dont care about Africans!

  3. I got that article in my email too. I was very angry at first but then I calmed down. The best way to deal with people like that is ignore them because they're looking for a response from you.

    I long for the day Kenya will be where it derseves to be.

  4. @traf,i am no longer in Nyeri moved back to Nai in August, thx,you could still give me the stories
    @acolyte, thx Kenyans back here do not hate you and if they do they are the minority, but i understand your predicament about opportunities
    @sandman, yeah it makes you wanna shoot somebody but its racism though we can actually look at it to make our lives better.

  5. as sandman says, we should just ignore them and continue to do our thing - wherever we are.

    i'm not sure i could have a serious and intelligent discussion with people who think like that...

  6. hey glad ur blog is back it had disappeared on me.
    U.O.N-Ngai fafa..between having to suck up and lecturers failing u cause they take things personally that placeis a mess

  7. UON... well am there& nothings changed
    My dad once told me, simply because people are African timers doesnt mean u have to be one.
    The thing we have to do is to personally take it to ourselves to have high personal standards that we maintain no matter what.
    btw COOL blog

  8. Tomas, i pray for you that you will actually finish and graduate with your right grades!