Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Here i come

Nairobi and his wife decided to relocate to Naivasha. As we drove in through Naivasha, something crossed my mind, there lies the beauty of Kenya. We drove through a rugged road if only to enjoy the sight of the country side. Off i was away from the hustles and bustles of the city, in a moment i felt the whole world of me, it was a beautiful experience. Not the one you go to a club called Bananas and the waiter wants to disappear with your change and suddenly there is a bout. No...its watching as the sun goes to where it goes, i was taught to imagine it sets in the west or some crap like that.

Anyway i will confess, having being brought up in a strict family, the joys of spending the nights outside the confines of your home are only an illusion (as in legally). So camping is an idea which i wish for. So now that i can go at my own pleasure, i wont waste a moment.

We arrived Naivasha at around 5.30, 6 ish,looked for a place to eat .None at all apart from the famous La Belle Inn though Nyama Tayari joints ni mingi though we were a bit more interested in your magomano kind of joint i.e . eat to your full.

Naivasha is a town of mixed activities , you get the two most famous places in the town ie Fisherman's camp and Crayfish. We settled for the latter and boy wasn't it fun. Its kinda not the activities that were happening for me, but the fact i was away from everybody else, i even loaned out my phone!

The only sad thing there is that Kenyans ideas of having fun is drinking beer. At the boat ride there was no one, 7 people are needed to ride for an hour but we would rather our bottle, you know.

Glad i did go, i can now endlessly smile.


  1. Gosh I miss Naivasha terribly....I used to pass there on my way to school. My fav place is oserian....

  2. moments which school did you go to? Naivasha is a really good town hoping to go back there soon

  3. Who is Nairobi?? I love Naivasha too!!! It rocks!!!

  4. Milo, i feel like laughing at you but anyway Nairobi, meaning most of the guys from Nairobi moved to Naivasha over that period