Monday, October 24, 2005

After the Race

If you meet a chic in town limping in town, walking like a freshly cut jamaa, then that is me. In my wisdom, i braced the stanchart Marathon like i was gonna win the 1.5 M. So what was it like? It was my debut marathon (you would think i will be running the Boston next)

The good news is that i Shiro did complete the marathon, apart from my ligaments, nobody else is complaining. The day started well, me waking up earlier than usual and hoping into a mat to town. Usually Kenyans must look at you either they are wondering what is the occassion, many thought i was not going past Railways, others curious

Luckily no rain, guys were there all charged up but all looked content to just go for the marathon of course seeming oblivious of what an M can do to their broke life! Corporates and their so called CSR turned out in huge numbers, talk about marketing via charity. Anyway i was set, unaccompanied for good reasons that i knew i was gonna meet guys i haven't met in a long time and how company will have limited my ability in that area.Of course it is also sometimes hard to meet your objectives with some tagging along to do.

I took 1hr 19 mins almost an hour after the first guy in our race. My leg hurts badly


  1. You ran? I gotta come back and finish reading this my girl, gotta do an exam first.

    Happy Tuesday :)

  2. kudos girl!!!! ur brave thats for sure...can i have your t-shirt?

  3. that was very brave of you!! proud of you gal! :-)

  4. na wewe nicko.. there you go again.. creep!

  5. @Poi yeah i did actually ran. How did the exam go?
    Nick thanks it was tough kujia tshirt hehe
    s!hi thanks i promise next Boston, Nicko creep ha

  6. congrats!!At least you finished the race!

  7. this nicko cannot be trusted with items of clothing.. esp when they belong to women!

    all the matheys and mbotches in his esto knew him and would watch their clotheslines when he slunk past!

  8. U shud have informed me gal and i could have made something for you.. i was allover the course doing lots of work only to run the reamining 150mters from intercon to the finishing line.. next time am with you...
    A big applause for you and a glass of milk....

  9. congratulations! really well done!
    so, is that the first step of "project beijing 2008"?

  10. 1 hour 19 min.
    Tht would be the 10 kms?

  11. congrats on finishing the race!
    @ s! mbotches and matheys....heheheh

  12. S! S! S! cammon now, u know how war is launched and its not done like this

  13. I think you're right on track and not many people are willing to admit that they share your views. leg lost is an AWESOME place to discuss LOST.

  14. @ shiroh - there's no war.. nicko knows better than that.. there's too much i know about him! :-))

  15. and i have just as much ammo on u S! and pics to boot...after all that's said and done...war cant be the answer

  16. Congratulations!!! I hope I will get enough psyche to do it next year.

  17. Hey Nick and S! you cannot launch your war here surely. Ps S! it is said Nick is a serial blog killer, don't
    @Prousette, join me start the exercise now!
    @Adrian, Thanks ati Project Beijing 2008 LOL
    @Farmgal, thanks
    @digz guy, nimejipigia debe and thanks
    @Anon, am lost at your offer

  18. shiroh ndereba crossing the line...

    Akieys Makofi ya kilo!!!

    hahaha at S! and 'tato slinking LOLOLOL

    Yu were unaccompanied for what again? 'tato couching instead of combining wit concubine??

    Tsk tsk tsk

    Not good!!