Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Finally i will do it

Prousette said that i was a victim of her tag, almost didn't do it but i have succumbed now.

Ten years back…
I was thirteen and in class eight. What was happening? Exams craze, i got the beatings to last my entire life.
I got to Kisumu for the first time in for participating in Drama Festivals ( i almost made it as an actress) in first term. Our drama teacher loved me to the extent he fixed an acting sort of place when what i was doing didn't make it to the nationals. I am still grateful.
Had the first flop in my entire upper primary life 480/700, dear brothers and sisters wasn't i in trouble. While some boys were actually happy for beating me in class, my teachers were not amused. Conversion to woman hood happened then and i really cried, I had dreaded this for so long coz it meant having to look for some...you know every month.

5 years back…
Was in a middle level college, just cleared fourth form, pure bliss i tell you. Had my first serious boyfriend then (is it) right ..i think it was just a joke . Started raving seriously now, as in Friday to Sunday. Everything risky i did it at this time. I hooked up with some player seriously, was hurt badly,,,learnt how not to trust boys and men. I started consuming alcohol then ( so happy fifth anniversary to the bottle) never stopped unfortunately. Hurt a pal of mine deeply by flirting with her boyfriend ( forgive me i was just 18) , she almost chomad me (huh), she even got into depression. Learnt how to keep off people's men however strong the desire is not to. I mean i can't really put it all here, coz basically i did nothing good apart from pitaing my CPA 1.

2 years ago
I was in campus 2nd/3rd year. My parents separated then (it was and is still the worst day of my life) if what i have experienced after that is to go by. Learnt to play mummy, at that time, i didn't understand the magnitude of mum walking away fully. It was not to be undone until today,so i am still mummy. Learnt to be strong. Did my CPA part 11 and my campus exams together, twas crazy i say but i survived. Owned my first business, learnt that whatever may never do buzna with your friends. Learnt business is dirty cheap tricks, almost swore never to go back there. At one point i was making supernormal profits, the next time somebody had bought me out of the stall. (may they rot in hell) i just thought the other day by now i would be a rich 23 yr old.

1 year ago…
Off campus, relocated to Nyeri for a while...trust me i needed to get out of the family circus. I was tired of being everything. I think i did make a mistake relocating but well. Learnt being a lawyer is not after all anything so great. Became independent minded, achieved peace for a while. Struggled to kick out laziness ( i am damn serious) . Began cultivating good habits like doing things on time ( apart from getting late) .

After a long trip to Naivasha this weekend (the post disappeared, damn blogger) i still made it to class i am currently doing my Sec 6 finally , told you i am calculating good habits, went to Giks and bought a bag and then home.

5 places I’d love to be in right now…
Home, cleaning.. i rarely get any time coz of my schedule
With My small bro..
When is the German Beer Festival

If I had a million, I would…(al assume dollars, that makes it Ksh.80m
Invest in stocks offshore
Build a nice home for mum
Ooh get a nice car
Some villa

5 greatest joys…
My small bro
My family
Being at peace with God
Ice cream

5 Pet Peeves
Loud mouths..
People who get little money and think they own the world Yes you wannabes (living in a middle sized estate i know lots of them
Those people who hijack every conversation even when they don't know what is being talked about
People who don't care about their appearances

Favourite line
Never give up, with time everything falls in place.


  1. Hi, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

  2. friends and business most definately do not mix ... sometimes family is in the mix too. i learnt the hard way (still trying to put it into practice) that you can only trust yourself. great post

  3. Yaay! You did it.Congratulations are in order, girl and all the best in Sec 6.
    For a crazy second your title made me think really funny things.
    Almost chomad you? Surely you have a crazy girlfriend.
    Second spicebear: business, pleasure and friends do not mix.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog n hav liked you. Hopefully will get to meet you someday. Wish you all the best in sec 6. Make sure you crevise IFRS/IAS nicely . Going thru ISA will be a plus. That helped me.

  5. i love hw y'all reveal your ages...ebu we unleash another tag that will have u revealin more

    so nyeri is no more thought u'd be goin back.

    did u visit delamare those guys have a killer nyam chom and their yoghurt is off the hook-fanta kando

  6. hey Shiroh.
    thanks for asking about the bar exam...no, i don't take it until i maliza law school in 2007...i am just applying to take the bar...the application has to be done like 1.5 yrs before the actual exam itself.

  7. All the best in your sec 6(though clueless what tis, something accounting related I bet)

    Salimia your small bro for me.

    Have a great week :)

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  9. @anon, thanks
    @spicebear, gracias, family out
    @prousette, what did you first think huh,
    @James,maybe we wil meet someday,will study em
    @spidey,couch'tato,nick,revealing age is no problem,imagine we patad the nyam joint was fungwad, the yoghurt yeah
    @Poi , yeah it is accounts related. I will salimia him

  10. I miss my CPA days... Combining those with campo...

    Did you still leave SPS guys visiting the parki canteen to shoot pool?? Oh the memories!!!

    Nice view into Shiroh!

    Wachomwe and may they rot like manure those stall grabbers!!! Si u sue their diabs!!!!

    Lakini KBW has youngies!!! Blue must really be feeling out of place!!

  11. Interesting...and.......complex.

    Daud El Rude (still representin for the lurkers all around the world!!!)