Thursday, January 17, 2008

we are the ones to save KENYA

When police asked guys to leave the town,  i did not know if to go home or not or to stay in the building; to stay safe. It does not help that live broadcasts have been banned so nobody knows what is going down.

So i joined the rest of the folks walking back to their homes. You know what they were walking in droves peacefully. They didn't look bitter that they had been forced to go back home.

I don't know what to make of it but it hit me; because we are hardworking we will save Kenya. Because we want to live, we will save Kenya. We do not understand what is going on or why it is going on all we know is that we are the grass that is hurt.

My question is why can't this demonstrations be organized over the weekend. Why are the lives of all Kenyans be disrupted? Is there any reason enough to disrupt our lives? When people say this country is bigger than anyone; what do we mean.

It has been 19 days since the election dispute began. NO one has gone to court. The rest of Kenya has no way to determine an election dispute. We have no such powers. That is why we have institution called the judiciary.

Someone has to go to court to stop this madness. As long as the dispute does not go to court then us the common mwananchi will continue being the judge and adjudicator of an election dispute. We voted. That was our divorce with the election. Any issues after that are not in the public control.

Our livelihoods are at risk; our jobs highly tied with perfomance cannot continue to hold if we keep being disrupted. The mental anguish Kenyans are suffering is untold. And for what?

One question i heard several people asking as we were walking is what battle are we fighting. The issues before us i.e. an election dispute are not our mandate; we are powerless.

I heard someone say we should organize a demonstration for citizens of Kenya and camp outside State House and Karen. Maybe just then someone will know we are serious about living in Kenya & making a living.


  1. I totally agree with you. There should be demonstrations against the mass action rallies.

    Yesterday there was a lady on TV who was shouting at the ODM people outside The Stanley. She said she just wants to work, she's tired of running away & being afraid all the time. Sadly the ODM heckled her down & apparently slapped her off camera.

    But I think more Kenyans are tired of all this mass action esp when we realized that they swore themselves in on Tuesday so that they can get their salary for Jan. They are being selfish!

  2. Hi shiro

    Happy 2008!
    Mass action is called for when there is no other option like in this case. Things are not normal and will not be for a very long time to come. You ask ODM to go to court, are you for real? The AG and CJ were in the thick of things, you know how long it takes to get yourself heard even in a normal open and shut case.
    We have a huge problem right now and we have to make do with it.

    I heard a brilliant idea in the morning on KIss FM. Let those who want to go to Uhuru park do so, there is nothing to loot there.The police would then be concerned with guarding the CBD and people who are going about their businesses.

  3. Hi Shiro,

    The reason why you are saying what you are saying is because you are a supporter of PNU. Supporters of ODM have different views. The reason why you were chased out of town yesterday just like me is because police panicked and they have run out of ideas. Actually, the ODM rallies should be allowed to continue since they are not illegal anyway according to the law.

    The police are actually aiding ODM in their mass actions. Please check the definition of mass action so that you can have a better understanding to the term. Actually by locking down town, the police they managed to wreck businesses and managed to wreck the economy in some way.

    We all know Mr. Kibaki stole the election. Please don't allow you ethnic background to make you react differently to some things simply because on of your own has locked himself in state house.

    See you in tao


  4. Hello from up north the continent (Egypt) as you can conclude we all share the burden of being a third world countries, where the judiciary systems are infected with corruption and governmental biasness, so I don’t think that going to court with the government will do any good, Kenya has my sympathy and I hope this will end righteously and in favor of the Kenyan people, Hope to visit this lovely country soon!

  5. @prous, Happy New year to you too. Lemme just Be honest, things are not normal but we cannot ignore the Rule of Law. If so, then we would say everytime everyone annoys you, kill them after all the law is biased. Please tell me what is the outcome of the rally? You still havent answered me on why the rallies cannot be done over the weekend.

    @ponk,I am not a PNU supporter, but Kibaki is my preferred president. I hope that clears that one. Don't blame the police, we have destroyed enough property in this demonstrations, it is obvious anyone would get paranoid

    @ahmed, i hope too that we will end soon

  6. Hi Shiroh,
    Ok you are not a PNU supporter but a Kibaki supporter. So you support what happened? Just to answer your question about holding rallies over the weekend;Its a good thing you support holding of rallies but have the police suggested that the rallies be held over the weekend? Are the police following the rule of law when they are killing guys all over? Did you watch KTN news jana? Its good to be paranoid, you are allowed coz anyway I agree with the violence you sure would get paranoid but do not let it eat you up.

    Its very simple. Allow the rallies to go on, shift the paramilitary guys from Uhuru Park to the town center to protect things and everything by the way will be normal. Block guys from releasing their holding their demos (they are legal by the way and are allowed under the constitution, so I really don't know what you are talking about)and they will react differently. Where were you when guys were holding demos in the 90's?

    I am also ashamed at the levels of violence but the solution is so simple.

    I hope you haven't run home.


  7. @Ponk, i don't like it when people misquote me, i didn't say that i support what happened (ok what happened?)

    A civilian coup is in the works, thats calls for paranoia!

    It is perfectly in the constitution for police men to kill in the interest of public peace and security. Our laws are draconian only that they are seldomly used.

    An illegal assembly is one that is likely to cause a breach of peace. Those rallies are likely to cause a breach of peace (history has proved us right). If there is a town we need more than ever is Nairobi intact. It would be hard to control this masses.

    If only they had demonstrated peacefully in the first place.

  8. Shiro, don't kill me because you don't like what I say. Please don't behave like a politician coz I know you're not!

    Where and when did I misquote you? Anyway, you cannot prevent people from misquoting you!

    The person you support actually is the one guilty of a civilian coup (thats what happened).

    I am ashamed that there is a Kenyan who believes in killing in the name of public peace and security! Please quote where in the constitution you got that from because it is not there. You saw the police on KTN, didn't you.

    How can you say "if only the had demonstrated peacefully in the first place" when they were not given the opportunity to demonstrate in the first place? How were they going to achieve that? Believe me when I say that the police and the government by extension are panicking for nothing and reacting in a heavy and unnecessary way for nothing. A classic example was yesterday when everybody was chased away from town.

    Let me ask, when does an assembly qualify to become illegal? and why will the masses need to be contained when they will be peaceful? Where were you during the campaigns when two big rallies were held in Nairobi and less than 5kms apart. Was there any looting or was the town burnt down? Am still wondering where you were in the early 90's.

  9. @PONK, this is it
    (1) No person shall be deprived of his life intentionally save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of criminal offence under the law of Kenya of which he has been convicted.

    (2) Without prejudice to any liability for a contravention of any other law with respect to the use of force in those cases hereinafter mentioned, a person shall not be regarded as having been deprived of his life in contravention of this section if he dies as the result of the use of force to such an extent as is reasonably justifiable in the circumstances of the case -

    (a) for the defense of any person from violence or for the defense of property;

    (b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained;

    (c) for the purpose of suppressing a riot, insurrection or mutiny; or

    (d) in order to prevent the commission by that person of a criminal offence,

    or if he dies as the result of a lawful act of war.

    What i meant is the demonstrations right after the declaration of the president turned to be bloody. Am i wrong him

  10. i have been watching whats being posted on Kenyan blogs and it seems funny to me that those asking for "mass action" are nowhere near Kenya.

    If a lawyer can say that he doesn't trust the courts, then why does he take my money as fees?

    ODM has proven to me that they are simply looters, rapists and child killers and that is not lost on anyone. I don't know of any democracy that was ever won by first ensuring that your supporters can't earn a living.

    Shiru, you have our support, let those typing terrorists who only claim that they are for democracy as they watch kenyans kill each other for no particular reason.

    I will support ODM when I see them in court and when I see Raila marching straight towards a cop who clobbers him with a baton just like Martin Luther King. Otherwise, he is just domo domo

    by the way I was supporting odm but never again.

  11. Three things-
    1. So we continue to go to work and pretend that nothing ever happened, bury our heads in the sand and hope that protesters get shot only over the weekends? Maybe even that everything will soon be forgotten and we can get back to cracking jokes about our neighbors from a different tribe? Hmmm...
    2. What courts are you referring to? Those presided over in absentia by our dear honorable minister of justice Martha Karua?
    3. Please cite the section of the law that allows police to kill innocent unarmed civilians in the interest of preserving public peace and security.

  12. Shiroh be brave and speak the truth! Why does ODM seek to disrupt lives so much?? Why? just so that one individual RAILA gets what he wants but does not deserve??

    Kenyans please grow up!! Diaspora Kenyans please shut up!!