Monday, January 07, 2008

Victims or Villains

This is my opinion.


Let me make it clear I am for KIBAKI totally and against RAILA totally and as such no objectivity is possible on my part. If you can die for Raila you have no business reading it.


I was going to steer clear of politics in my blog being the most sensitive subject today in Kenya but seeing that everyone found it totally in their capability to talk about this I too will.


I believe just because Kibaki doesn't say anything or doesn't storm ECK or complain bitterly, it is not because he has nothing to say but because all those theatrics Raila & Co. pull are nothing but seeking sympathy from all and sundry which he is clearly above.


We must never forget that Raila led the bloodiest (FAILED) coup so far in Kenya. He has tried another (against Kikuyu coup) which has also failed.


What Raila sympathizers seem to shock me about is the way they behave like there was only one possible choice and possibility that Raila would win. Sorry folks he didn't.


Me & other 4m Kenyans voted for Kibaki but to the Raila fanatics this number is too useless to them, it only matters that Raila was to win, why we were going to the polls if it was automatic? Even this one challenges Kivuitu.


Let's now look at the realities & numbers


Kibaki had 25 % votes in all provinces.


Raila lost miserably in Kibaki strongholds being Central & Eastern. He scored less than 1000 in most constituencies

Kibaki did not lose miserably in Nyanza & Rift. He actually garnered almost 600,000 votes in Rift and almost 300,000 votes in Nyanza.


Reality 2

You cannot alienate the largest community in Kenya from National Politics, as we have seen it fails miserably. Raila poses "how can 2 tribes out of 42 tribes elect a president?" The two communities largely fought for Kenyan independence again alone. And are the Luhyas, Kisiis, Kurias, Kambas & the others who voted for Kibaki not people?


Reality 3

Raila & Co. were unbelievably silent and invisible until Kibaki's strongholds results started to trick in, they then started disrupting ECK and demanding that no results be released. They were disrupting ECK and they are in the opposition, God knows what would happen if they were in the Government.  Raila even went on to call Kivuitu just a clerk, it is amazing then just how much a clerk can do.


Reality 4

Kivuitu has not yet said Raila was a winner. He however did declare Kibaki a winner. Meaning if there is a winner, Kibaki is. Who said Raila won??


Reality 5

If there was rigging, Both ODM & PNU rigged heavily. We all saw the stunts Wanjiru pulled in Starehe that left even the policemen totally helpless. Hours later she was declared a winner. It is only that ODM was caught in its own game and beaten at it. Who is the chicken now?


Reality 6

Kikuyus are not ECK, if ECK rigged in favour of Kibaki why was there mass slaughtering of Kikuyus in the Rift and other parts of the country?? If Raila had won which was a possibility since this was an election, do you think, all Kalenjins & Luos would have been in danger in the same way? So why were Kikuyus being slaughtered, this one HURT ME THE MOST. Equity Bank was among the first casualties in Kisumu, why?? Not Barclays, stanchart or others


Why are they crying peace now, peace that they disturbed? It was really disturbing to see the volatile Ruto pretend that he has the interest of Kenya at heart. He is now too afraid of what Kikuyus are capable of doing if they decided to retaliate!


To Raila and to quote him, Kibaki should have LOST to save the nation. Why was the nation been saved? Kenya was fast moving towards being an economic hub, of which part of that is accredited to Raila & Ruto.


The two most dangerous men again have proved to be Raila & Ruto and they have history to support them;


Raila was involved in '82 coup which in itself was very much unnecessary and led to the dictatorship of Moi and death of so many others.


Ruto was part of Y '92 a group that saw the killing of many Kenyans. He totally fought against multi party. Amnesia anyone?


The two are a match made in hell (heaven is not appropriate for them) and together they are destroying Kenya and fooling most Kenyans at the same time.



Raila has to admit there is a bigger player than him only that he is too full of himself to admit. There is the people's president and then again there is the Kenyan president. We all now know who is who.