Friday, January 18, 2008


When you speak; speak for your country not for individuals.

When i read many people's sentiments i amaze at just how we have made individuals godly. In the sense that even knowing what we know about these politicians we still want to associate with change and deliverance. Further from the truth we cannot be.

I refuse to fight for people whose reputation and integrity is at question. I refuse to fight for people who have no real agenda apart from assuming power. We know Ruto, we know Raila, we know Kibaki, we know Michuki et al, why do we then behave like we don't?

When you write a comment on my blog and tell me Kenyans were denied change, revolution, etc what do you know? And tell me mass action must continue because this is the only way you can get what you want? I know i would fight but for the right reasons.

I do believe in many things but i don't believe we can destroy a whole country to defend people we so know well.

We know they are not clean, we know they have never been clean. We most definitely know they are not Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela because those two would never allow the kind of madness that has happened in this country. I am sure they must be sick in their belly just to imagine what has gone down and accountability is not forthcoming.

Martin Luther had a mission, Nelson Mandela had a mission, just what are the mission of our country destroyers?

Why do they evoke such negative feelings in the people that they would say something as unspeakable as "we would rather go the Ivory Coast way? And for what?

The law is clear remains to be clear of which i have been searching, an election dispute can only be determined by a High court,  we have no provisions for an interim Govt. Why the turmoils?

Quite a number of Kenyans support R.O., quite of them support MK, and others supported KM, so when someone stands up and says "Kenyans" will. Which Kenyans do you refer to? Which will of Kenyans because we are so fucking equal and no grievances, theatrics, mass actions will solve an election dispute.

Kenyans are living in morbid fear countrywide, you should see their scary faces every time there is a sound however innocent. We have police on the streets, something i had only seen when international news of Sierra Leone, Somalia were aired on TV.  But are the police in the streets in vain, towns have been brought to ashes, people's lives are in constant danger, and you blame the police? The whole of Kenya belongs to any Kenyan, as until now, if Kisumu town is destroyed, a part of Kenya has been destroyed and thats a loss to every Kenyan.

Speak for Kenya.

Now this is better but the worst joke i have heard. Boycott