Friday, January 11, 2008

Social Ramifications

Everytime i write anything there is someone branding me a tribalist. I don't care, i am not a tribalist and that i know deep within my heart but obviously if you selectively choose to eliminate members of my community i become gravely concerned. The intolerance that has been the highlight of Raila's  is evident. 2 PNU supporters were burnt in Kibera, 1 a 19 year old before the elections, his crime wearing a PNU t-shirt. Nobody talked, not even Maina Kiai.


1. A woman who was an ODM supporter yesterday called to say she had not only lost her job but her boyfriend had also kicked her out. Genesis of the problem being her boyfriend was a PNU supporter and she was not. It beats every reason that such intolerance is experienced in the bedroom.

2. My friend (a lunjay) a PNU supporter told me of how he had planned to put away her wife's ID and pretend that it was lost because she was supporting  the other party. Luckily the wife was very bright and she said that they should both put their IDs on the table so that such a thing would not happen. Today they do not talk politics in their house.

3. Getting a house in Nairobi will prove to be hard; it appears that renting a house will only be done on proof that you don't belong to "an enemy tribe". This will have far reaching effects as housing in Nairobi is already a problem. Already some people have been given eviction notices (i met with a guy who told me his landlord has decided to paint his houses all of a sudden).

4. Jobs have always been given on a who do you know basis. So now you can imagine with individually owned companies which have always remained the highest employers. More than ever people will make appointments on a where do you come from basis

5. I had managed to convince my dad that there is nothing really wrong from marrying into another community (20%). My chances of such conviction has moved (-100%). And you know what if my dad says no, then sorry its no.

6. Eldoret and Kisumu towns will stall. I doubt any Asian or investor who has fled from Kisumu will come back and put up their investments again. Insurance does not pay for acts of arsonists.

We are really back to 1963.

Anyway it would be better if it is identified that the violence was caused by gangs not normal individual people.