Thursday, January 10, 2008

Searching for answers

kenyans memories can be outlasted by the expiry date of a loaf of bread.

Don't get me wrong but i have always wondered the span of an event in Kenyan minds. While the US black folks still remember  the day the Rosa Parks refused to stand up for that white in the bus and celebrate it

We were almost fooled. And although i have received so many articles and reports,there is one thing that is becoming consistent.

This violence was not reactionary as some people would want to fool Kenyans. There is one report claiming that Ruto has been recruiting a militia group known as Karamajong Guerilla fighters and there is also another showing that ODM was planning to use ethnical tensions as one of the way to scare voters. Whether this reports are true or not is a story for another day.  Anti Kikuyuism according to one report was another way that this movement was going to influence voting.

Lets put it this way it is highly unlikely that "normal" people in Kenya can wake up and start slaughtering each other. I can bet on this one. It is also unlikely that people had been storing machetes and pangas just.

if we look at the outcome of the elections and even the pollsters confirmed that this elections was a close call, there was no clear winner because it was based on how much your tribe could deliver in terms of votes.

How then could a bunch of people feel so aggrieved that they would start burning houses and killing others. Its  just shocking in a nation that claim to have 80% or more Christians.

Indeed it is very clear that this was a very orchestrated and planned violence.

And indeed why did the Kalenjins seem so incensed by the turn out of the elections than even the Luo. It is true that the Luos just really burnt and looted. I don't imagine a lot of the deaths came from that region as they came from the Rift Valley.

But i might wonder at this point,  What is it that Ruto & his community could have against Kikuyu community? Land in Rift Valley is not scarce. Eldoret town being a cosmopolitan town has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few. His own community benefits immensely from this development.

As we go on wondering what happened, then Kenyans must not forget; there is a plan to divide kenyans by our own very leadership and it is amazing just how much it has gone.

It must have started here