Monday, January 14, 2008

No justice No Peace

I have heard that statement so many times that is beginning to ache my ears.

What is justice. Wikipedia so help me

If this is the policy we are going to live with, then i think that we are going to be here (without peace) for a long time.

What justice are we (they) asking for that Kibaki steps down for being declared a president in a flawed electoral process. That Kibaki allegedly did not win the election. That R.O. was elected president and M.K was declared president (allegedly of course). I don't know the truth about that and i am not ECK nor a returning officer nor an observer (partial or impartial). Primary evidence is of course the most credible evidence; those who saw with their eyes, those who heard it. Well, anything else is just much hearsay.

circumstances however may make one believe otherwise; the pollsters, the Number of seats a party garnered in the electoral process and popularity or lack thereof.

Will this justice be handed; i don't know.

Just for a second this justice is handed; will the other side of the divide also demand justice?

The punishment for killing is death.

The punishment for destroying people's property could land you a few years behind bars.

Arsonists also do get a few years behind bars.

Are we all ready for justice?