Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The law is an ASS

Even Raila must follow it!
Now what happens on Tuesday when parliament is sworn.
They will all declare allegiance to the President. Raila has categorically refused to refer to Mr. Kibaki as a president, so which allegiance will he declare?
The LSK which is shamelessly taking sides with the opposition should advice it on the Law in Kenya.
4M + can recognize Mr. Kibaki as president, do we really need Raila to declare Kibaki as president? Upto now he just remains as much as a presidential contender as Kalonzo & others
I have seen many blogs and their comments commenting that cabinet positions are going to Mt. Kenya, these same blogs preach unity but when it comes to declaring others they call them Mt. Kenya, if we are all Kenyans why the discrimination. All does it become Mt. Kenya and other Kenyans?
To those who think they can declare violence, this time round, everyone is ready
We have to move on, we have wasted so much. We have fought a war that is too unnecessary and unproductive.
For those who doubt Kibaki's sanity, Ali Mazrui thinks of Kibaki as an intellectual, then again are you more intellectual than Ali Mazrui. Angst against Kibaki is not helping anyone.
Someone famous said "Action cures Grief" I think all that angst should be directed towards action.
And i forgot if you refuse to be sworn in as MP your seat is declared vacant.

Mutahi Ngunyi is a genius