Monday, April 03, 2006

Breast Enlargement

Saturday 10.40.
This guy calls me and on a private namba; ushindwe

Hello My name is Chris (If he were a mono and i a second former i could have been tempted to ask him if he has one name like a mbwa).

I work at Marie Stopes and i would like to ask you if you would be interested in breast enlargement.

Shiro: Breast what?

Chris: Your friend said you could be interested.

(Earnestly wanting to end the conversation at this time

Shiroh: NO No No

Chris: We were asking around and your friend said you could be interested. We are having this test on persons and we are looking for ten people

Shiroh: I don't want!

Chris: Ok

I have/will not be interested in breast enlargement in the 4 centuries to come. Haki a Mungu i have fake friends.

Me, a guinea pig, and for Breast enlargement.

If you were a messenger who i could shoot, Chris you should have received a thousand obscenities. Thankfully i was still sleeping.

I think doctors are wasting their time. Why cant they come up with things like Brain enlargement, Shoulder enlargement (for guys).

First of all i think those who go for breast enlargement are obnoxious (insert word of choice). I am proudly (blowing trumpet here) amply endowed. I can only be used as a dummy for the ones who want to have a breast enlargement. Yaani nimesimama hapo alafu naangaliwa na anayefanywa hiyo breast enlargement anaulizwa kama anataka kama zangu (you get the drift)

Secondly i will not accept to be a guinea pig for anything.

For substance i consumed yesterday i have suddenly suffered dead brain cells; so the post is over. Have a nice week.

And ooh i realized why i don't like Coke and confirmed again that Nandos Pizzas are wack.

If you had recovered from this like me then you have to wait for this one and see what is new. Somehow i can tell the dead instigator is back and with a bang. We are watching you kidd.

Edit 2

Some words (call it a poem if you wish)

Body gives in to pleasure
Thought give in to ecstasy
Mind gives in to love

You love
I love
You cry
I cry
You moan
I moan

Taken for a minute
You give every secret
You let out her name
I lay there

I hurt
You continue
Consumed by desire
You lust
You don’t know it
I just lay there

You look at me
I look at you
Where is the love
Where is your heart?
How could you be?
Why to me

A thought comes across
All the distant thoughts
All the busy.ness
The time you don’t have
The assignments

This cannot be happening to me!
Of course Not