Wednesday, April 05, 2006

100 things

There was a time, doing a list of 100 things was in vogue. I never got to do here they come. Hate me

100 things

1. since you have all decided that I was pranked
2. then I guess I am gullible
3. but still i have an ample chest
4. i am a first born
5. stubborn
6. arrogant sometimes
7. fiercely independent
8. lazy sometimes
9. intelligent
10. don’t mind alcohol indulgence
11. but I am not an alcoholic
12. easily depressed
13. rarely fall in love
14. I like nice men
15. As in pastorly/priestly
16. likes laughing
17. easily bored
18. hate mundane conversation
19. easily drift away
20. loves intelligent people
21. few people like me on first sight
22. you can only like me after a while
23. I am a good conversationalist
24. easy to talk to
25. very accommodative
26. easily intimidate men
27. making them feel like I am married
28. but that changes after they hang around me
29. I easily tire
30. my concentration span is very low
31. I think I am brighter than many mama sitas
32. judgmental
33. I could have done better in class
34. but I am a bit lazy
35. love my brothers
36. I don’t have a best friend
37. I have a few people I believe are my good friends
38. I need a makeover
39. I need to lose about 10 kgs
40. I am doing nothing about it
41. I love mango juice
42. I have never been hit by a marriage bug
43. no one has ever proposed to me
44. and I don’t see anyone doing so soon
45. partly becoz not many people wouldn’t want to marry a lawyer
46. I hate my legs
47. that is why I am rarely in short things
48. I hate wearing spects
49. I am half way there
50. I love reading
51. Very few people around me love reading
52. I have acted as a relationship counselor
53. For many of my friends
54. And yet I get into bad relationships all the time
55. My friends are likely to call me when in trouble
56. or when they need advise
57. But rarely think about me when they are having fun
58. I hate attending weddings
59. and funerals
60. I don’t apply make up
61. unless I have to
62. I love good music
63. I believe bad music, bad movie, bad food can kill you slowly
64. I am not photogenic
65. I hate a lot of attention
66. I have toddler like tantrums
67. but you would have to be very close to me to notice
68. I don’t own a car
69. I snap a lot
70. I am patient
71. rarely that is
72. I like men in touch with their feminine side
73. I am not shy
74. I was good at mjadalas in primary school
75. I like learning
76. I hate fights
77. some people think I like having my way all the time
78. which I do not disagree
79. I admire honest peeps
80. I am a character reader
81. I have no time for gossips and cheats
82. I will easily kick them out of my company
83. I am rarely in debt
84. because I have learnt to live with what I can afford
85. I think I am lucky too
86. I hate my childhood memories
87. I don’t like most of my relatives
88. I was taken to boarding school
89. when I was only 8 years old
90. I don’t regret it though
91. Roses or not
92. it doesn’t matter
93. I love chocolate though
94. I believe you are what you make yourself
95. I Love people
96. I come from a broken home
97. shopping for bags, call me
98. This is therapeutic
99. And those are
100 hundred things about myself

Edit one
Challenged to do 100 things

KM you are lucky becoz i know your 150 list is hiding somewhere.


  1. First here ... off to read the blog!!

  2. Those are like 3 things ... !!! The enter key really works, huh?

  3. Second, not 100, which is not really 100 for you.

  4. Wangu and Sammie kwendeni ; how dare you say they are not 100

  5. I have counted, some of us actually read to the end.
    58. I hate attending weddings
    59. and funerals
    60. I don’t apply make up
    61. unless I have to

    Uwongo! I know u love weddings! esp. those ones that involve your cuzos in shagz, who want you, all dressed up (make-up and all) to be the talk of the village. And you don't disappoint either.

    94. I believe you are what you make yourself

    Very true: dead, or alive.

  6. WOW!! This is the best 100 things post i've read so far! When I saw 100 things I was like Oh no here we go again! but it was easy to read, thats why kina sammie managed to read it until the end. Oh well, its nice to know more about you!

  7. finaly someone who's honest with herself!
    if only the rest followed suit! could be lying though! given that you are, as u say, a lawyer! huh?

  8. how come u aint got a political thing/aspect?
    i went thro the 100 nikikaza macho hoping to jump into a "raila-bash" or something, u know......

  9. I concur with the ppl up there those aren't 100 points esp when you divide one into 3.I can also see that some of them are really more of how you see yourself and not the way you are.Miss ego!lol

  10. Nice revealing read, though other (dis)commenters are doubting your arithmetic abilities

  11. Ati you dont vaa short stuff the way you came with daisy dukes to the meetup?


  12. wonder if u want minus 10kg whats the arithmetic now? with that honest stuff about wewe ca try to visualise lakini u lef out.. the face thing, the hair, earing stuff, viatu stuff

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  14. shiro interesting stuff.i was going to ask- nodody has proposed to you? then i remembered am probably older than you and never proposed to anyone so my bad .i dont know if i can even do 50 things on my self all the same despite some valid points on not being 100.ill let you off coz i cant do even 50

    ps you need to think more positively there guys out there who would love to be with a lawyer someople love an good intelligent arguement in a relationship

  15. Good one shiroh..
    Im with you on 5,36,,41,81,82, and
    I also have the so called friends who fall under category 55-57 aaarrgghhh !
    Im a handbag person more shoes are my fetish...

  16. Aigh I have like six things twins with u...
    Nice one gal.. how is the B enlargement thing?

  17. Woiye kamum.....sasa

    Me I cam at honorable shikaring mkia position you know, but aiii, mammi, you need to look at mob tamu things about you!!

    I feel you on a million things.....and there are so many wonderful things about you you have left out you know,

    You should have a best friend one you can run to when things become mahiga (dshy), but having that takes time, so it is ok, you'd rather have none than have a fake.
    (mental note to thank my best friend today)

    ((((((((((((Shi))))))))))))), for every painful memory, for every sad memory.

    Nice read.
    You are an honest person, real with yourslef,and, and thank you because you reminded me some things that I tend to forget.

    P.s Shoe/bag shopping holla @ your gal

    P.p.s You know I know you attended a wedding this past weekend and you were up and about looking for a fancy dress

    p.p.p.s Those are not 100 things hence so therefore.....your mathafu needs re-examination.

    Bless you.

  18. wow u nailed it on 100 list those things were terrible back in them days especially after bein tagged

    -As milo would say and id add...ati u hate short skirts and dont indulge in alcohol...cough cough sneeze sneeze
    -lol ati u make people think u are married maybe its the ample chest and lol at you will like me after a while...ebu tag some of the newer kids and we see there list

  19. Wow! Nice list and glad to know you a tad more. You come as a great person and interesting.

    I so relate to no.64. I'm like totally ANTI-PHOTOGENIC

    Live on girl and keep smiling and you say hi to that kid bro I love :)

  20. kairetu you cheated lakini ni sawa at least you did a least...
    enjoyed reading that!

  21. @ shiroh
    I did 100 things like one year back!Please go thru my archives!Yes it gets tiring being a trailblazer but I have to do it......

  22. Pole Aco, yeah the trailblazer but i dont remember reading a hundrend things.

  23. Shi,
    Hmmmmmm! Those things add up to 100 coz of the fine print. If that were a contract methinks they wud have been like three or four :-)
    Anyway, melikes intimidating women, they're kinda up there hence no compe. Probo is that once there, a flood gate of compe is opened up...darn!
    Nice post.

  24. Shi,
    Hmmmmmm! Those things add up to 100 coz of the fine print. If that were a contract methinks they wud have been like three or four :-)
    Anyway, melikes intimidating women, they're kinda up there hence no compe. Probo is that once there, a flood gate of compe is opened up...darn!
    Nice post.

  25. @ shiroh
    I did 100 things end of 2004 and mid 2005.Damn my blog is old!Have a good weekend!

  26. WOW!
    i'd be hard pressed to come up with 5 but I think that I should definitely have a recurring theme to get to 100!

  27. aki shiroh....when i fika jamu, i owe you a drink!

    Imagine, i didnt even see the tag. wacha i will post when QT is over. it is draft.

    have a nice day!

  28. i din't have time to read a 100 things, but you said you are not photogenic, the photo isn't bad.

    you are not happy with life, that is not bad sometimes life is shit, but if you are not happy with you what can a say, in spanisch we say
    see you around.

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