Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why do you blog

Why do you blog?

If someone asked you why you blog what would you say?

To record my ideas

To share my world

It is my personal diary

But truly why do you blog?

Do you hope to become a writer

Are you a writer already

I have been at it for an year plus and I cannot say why I do it.

It’s just an addictive habit.

The whole bloggin thing includes Blog hoing also known as reading other blogs and commenting

Just to ask you why do you blog?

Not why you started blogging but why do you keep doing it??

We all know that the reasons we started bloggin is no longer what keeps us. In a way KBW has helped me keep blogging.

The truth is some of us didn’t know the word blog came from the word weblog or who even came up with teh idea of blogging. Side bar

Why i quit blogging


  1. i see u got a feeling of deja vu..

  2. Kritik, my question is why do you blog?
    What deja vu

  3. I need a vent for some of my frustrations that I can refer to later.
    I get to learn new things from fellow bloggers.

  4. I blog...

    1. To participate/spectate in interesting debates.

    2. To laugh

    3. To tell a joke when it's my turn.

    4. To see whether people laugh at my joke.

    5. To see what other people think about whatever.

    6. To see what people think about what I think.

    7. To "meet" all sorts of interesting people.

    8. To learn.

    9. To be misled.

    10. To mislead.

    11. To stay awake .

    12. To experiment with ideas and thoughts and so on.

    13. Because I enjoy reading.

    14. Because I enjoy writing.

    15. Because I am boring in real life.

    16. Etc.

    In short, I blog to extract as much juice out of life as I can...

  5. 1. cause i love it love it
    2, i do wish i could be a writer and until then...
    3.True what made us start bloggin isnt what keeps us from bloggin...the whole bloggin experience is such a different high as compared to ur shots of smirnoff ice

  6. It's a medium to say what's on my mind. To put stuff out there. Say how I feel. Let stuff out.

  7. I blog because I can...ok that sounds too Bill Clintonish.

    I try again.

    I blog to share personal experiences which I would not, under ordinary circumstances, share with people I know.

    I guess blogging creates an extension of the little therapeutic space that we all have, but rarely explore.

  8. I blog for myself first of all

    Then to remember

    Then to forget

    Then to share my wisdom and stupidity

    Then to keep my writing skills in check

    And as others have said because I can

    My blog existed before KBW and will

    continue to do so...

  9. I blog as a way of recording my life events.

  10. 1.Personally, i'm tired of having convoz in my head.
    2.I can't keep a diary coz hate writing down on paper, would rather type.

  11. I blog because the voices in my head tell me to!

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  13. I have kept a diary since 1983( gosh I was only 10 then) and just transferred the same thoughts to my blog.

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  15. I blog because errrr, the chicken crossed the road.

    Shi, wassup?!! Me I blog to put down my thoughts, but I am trying to stop, seeing as I am busy getting laid and all....(I had to bring that up huh?).....

  16. @Prous, i hear you.

    @Mud, 10 reasons are quite an impression

    @Nick, wachana na kasmirnoff kangu

    @Sam, like your tu chic storos.he he

    @ak, i believe being able to is a step and a good reason too yah

    @Kgal, yours is more of a personal diary i enjoy reading

    @acolyte, we all do blog for ourselves first and foremost and i agree with yah.

    @kelitu, don't i know those convoz

    @Instigator, strong voices you mean

    @anonymous, i love money too. Lakini thanks

    @GNM, that is an achievement. Hey where have you been

    @KM, of course its like rain after a drought period. Getcha

  17. To blog or not to blog.......that is the question.

    A friend encouraged me to start i dont know why i continue doing so. Anyways I love reading, writing and frankly i just love being read online.
    Blog hoing lol, a personal favourite.