Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Most Annoying Things

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10 Most Annoying things

Flashing anonymously

Flashing is bad enough; doing so anonymously don’t go there.
Only do so if we have such an arrangement.
Then Safaricom goes ahead to introduce Flash back….

Drunk and behaving badly

You get some few shillings, buy some Kenya cane and some God knows what lethal concoctions and gallop it like there is no tomorrow.

And on top of that start fighting everyone you meet in the club; Sheesh

Go to sleep you are too drunk.

Bouncing dates

Yeah that is another thing I can’t stand. Women or men- be courageous enough to say you won’t make it however. Those are behaviours of undergrown men and women.

Ati just because the art of seduction said so.


Yeah being met with pucky smells of your under arms should I almost used the word flabbergasted (to show the magnitude) be the last thing you want to unleash on unsuspecting Kenyanfolk.

I was sitting in the church another day and a jamaa sat next to me. He kwanza was smelling sweaty underarms and on top of that proceeded to fart. Gosh the horror!!

Inability to say Please and Thank You

Since Wangu already talked about Body Checks.

Some guy hits you and will not bother to say “Sorry” . Mshindwe. Next time you hit me, I will Conji you properly.

When I go out of my way to do something “Please say thank you”

Picking other peoples things without permission

For some of us who have small sisters, it is so obvious that this woman looking forward to be like you will move your items to be their own. That is forgiven

But when endless relatives descend on everything new and good you have, then I start to get mad (almost calling the police).

There are people who have the habit of picking up other peoples things ati just becoz they can see them just lying somewhere.

Enforcing your own rules publicly

Have you ever ingiad a matatu playing nice music and suddenly someone shouts from the back that the music should be switched off. I am one of those people who believe if you don’t want music in a matatu then board one that doesn’t play.

Quit giving your own private opinions to the public. The trouser maybe hip hugging but you are under no moral or social obligation to keep declaring it to every Tom, Dick and Harry. My opinion and yours could differ. Respect that.

Snooping into other peoples lives

Some people think the more they know about each and everyone’s petty gossips the more popular they become. This is very common among college mates and workmates. Leave me alone Stupid!

Find another hobby.

Distress calls

I have said again that I have some friends who think my phone is for distress calls. As Guess once said on people waking her up while she is sleeping; call dial 999 and 112.

My phone has capacity for friends who are real not persons who think of me when they are in trouble or in need of advice or whatever God knows what. But anyway I know I will still come even if you call me but all I am saying hiyo ni tabia mbaya.

Problem Shifters

You can’t blame everyone else but yourself for problems. It is always someone else never you.

Ama people who think all their problems are caused because the Government did not do this or that. Common get your act and move on. Do something, sitting there and waiting for the Government will not solve your problems.


  1. TAPO ! ME FIRST !

    Zote I agree with you...what is it with people and lack of courtesy ??

    As for the so called friends who only call when shit has hit the fan...their names have been replace with this initials DNA ( Do Not Answer )

  2. The Great One has entered the building!
    I must say that you have an impressive list!Brief but impressive!

  3. am third yaay
    i agree with your list. thanks for having me there.

  4. I really feel most of your points. In this day, people bila deodorant who unleash their disgusting body odor in public should be fined! And snoops are so annoying, digging for information so they can run and tell somebody else.

  5. Nice post, and thanks for accepting the tag.

    Pole about having to go through such a gruelling experience on a Sunday.

  6. I feel each and every comment you have posted.

    I also hate people who walk around with there big umbrellas swinging it on their hand,you dont want to imagine the mess it would cause on your eyes or face for that matter.