Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is holiday really over

It will take a long time to recover from this holiday it seems.

I feel like hating on Aco because it was his Birthday yesterday
Seeing that Aco is on a chaste mission I can only ask:

What if Aco had a babe and she wanted some

Is Aco chilling becoz he wants to or is it he has been promised marriage if he can chill

Aco has almost exhausted his sperm bank and at that rate it is running out

Aco is a virgin

Aco junior has let him down

Aco is under serious clinical stress

Aco is learning boxing

Aco has met a virgin

Aco realized the gals are going to kill him

Aco is recovering from over indulgence

Aco is saving himself for the next

Aco is yet to meet KM

Aco think not being chaste is being used

Hating over (ducking stones)

Happy Birthday Aco…May you live to see your chilling days as a waste of Valuable Recovery Time,.or Valuable Copulation Time wasted

Anyway I hope you had a fantastic Easter. Me went down to Malindi and twas fantastic (don’t ask how)

Now on the Meet Up
To be more specific the following people have not forwarded their numbers to me

Prousette (a.k.a Mama Nyumi)
Afro M

I have the following numbers
Ms K

Kenyan Pundit (be out of country)
Nairobi Gay Man (thinks he will fall for me)

I know I have forgotten some names and I am dearly sorry. My email remains sylkwanAThotmail.com.

Hope you all voted.

Some Categories i would have come up with

Blogger you don’t get what they are saying until after reading the comments and the post 3 times

Blogger I would like to kiss

Blogger you would want to give a BJ

Most intelligent blogger

Blogger with the sexiest eyes I have seen
Milonare….those machos sweetie talk a lot of sex

The bulliable blogger
Nick darling

Blogger with body to die for
Chatterly ..that avatar mami

Fantasy blogger

Most pussy whipped blogger

Blogger likely to have a ka-rabbit
Ms K

Sweetest blogger

Blogger I would like to meet in a dark street

Mushy blogger
Kenyan Gal

Blogger likely to wail after the game
Kenyan Musings


  1. You know Acolyte can benchpress his own weight? Run Shiroh run............

    LOL ati KM would wail?? Yani that category is being misused !!

    Why don't you just kiss Nicky on Sato?? I'll hold him down!!

    Why does everyone want to give Udi a prowchop?

    LOL @Akiey being pussywhipped!

    Oh and my name is Ms K and maybe i have a rabbit or maybe I gave it to my buddy. Hmmmm.......

  2. And wacha the Gay Man didn't say that!

  3. Ms K u beat me by Whisker..

    What a celebration for Aco the virgin promised marriage LOL...
    Yeah KM wailing after game
    U better give #3 that will close my eyes nisisone vitu za watu wakubwa Lol..

    No wonder there were the missed calls at malindi lying on the sand doing 1, 2.....

  4. Shi, you know you said Udi just cos I said Udi. Shindwe pepo!!

    By the way, yes, I confess. I may wail after strokage. Not wail wuuuuuiiiii, but simply er, shed tears. Men! they can give it to you till you call your dead butterfly. Ala! Kwani, those machozis just toka by the way.

    And for the last time, will you LEAVE MILO AND HIS EYES alone!!!
    Arrrrrrggghhhh!!! **KM Ng'oaring her braids**

  5. @Ms K, yaani i have run mpaka i can't run anymo.

    With all mushy stuff, this gal would obviously wail but she has said not weep. Ok just cry KM.

    Yeah just put him down..but the boy is so shy. He will probably blush too much...Ngoja atakipata tu..

    Udi said in a post that he is having a hard time getting Kenyan Mama who give good ones

    D can always get you another one LOl.

    @naks..lets just call this the official blogging day. work is just not possible.
    Ati vitu za watu wakubwa.. he he he
    Wooi sweetie ati you are saying what was been done on the sand..Aki ya mungu me and Aco are brother and sister. We have this chilling this going on....Pole about the missed call.
    (walking away thinking of what could have been done on the sand..but no..)

    @kritik, pole for the kapain.

    @Kenyangal, Aco won't say anything...si you know him ni lazima achokozwe kidogo. I hope he doesnt grab the next mama he sees..he he he

    @KM, kasweetie he is the only one coz he said Kenyan mamas are badly gifted in that area. Kapepo kameshindwa

    Ati you call Dead butterfly, aki you..Enyewe this sex rationing must kwisha. If you were willing to share msichana it would have been easy..Lakini seeing you are not..

    ATI I LEAVE MILO AND HIS EYES ALONE. SI YOU HAVE KATAAD TO LEAVE NICK..Kwanza si i told you the way Milo has this male thing in him..i might just rethink not stepping into the territory.

  6. I agree with you shi,Udi should be given a thorough bj till he blacks out and stops giving Kenyan mamas a bad name ati we do not know how to... I said too much did I?

    Why is Akiey pussywhipped? Anything I do not know?

  7. If you go at Nakeels you wil realize why.

  8. i tell you there are lots of categories Nicko can come under.. mostly unflattering!

  9. @ shiroh
    Ongea mbaya!Ngoja I finish jobo I'm coming back!

  10. i feel like a piece of meat and i'm likin it!

  11. @ shiroh
    Don't hate me coz of my youth,beauty and pure virginal state that belies my leonine libido!But when I get that mama I will make up for lost time!looool!ps:how did you go to Malindi?You balling someone's hubby?

  12. waaa. kwani today i have kamatad two mamas so far in the blogsphere world. i almost feel like the Pimp Homeo of blogspot.

    shiro- dont promise BJ's only for u to disfigure my schlong. i have already gone enough trauma under womens teeth.

  13. Sasa S! yeah you tell us, i am sure you know much more..i am waiting
    @nick, ati you are feeling hot now..ngojea

    @udi, we all know what you said...

    @acolyte, c'mon now ati i got someone's hubby..wooi i have a few mashilingis of mine. Anyway i went by bus.

  14. Udi, i would never disfigure your shclong. Ati now you have suffered coz of women LOL

  15. saw my name on the list
    I've been mad busy but I will get to you asap

  16. @shiro- i am willing to keep on receiving until i find the woman who gives it best

  17. about milo's eyes....oh yes-sex, sexier, sexiest. I am yet to meet him, face to face. his pic will do till then ;-)