Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ok I read somewhere that Pisces are poetic, moody and escapists. Gosh! Hard truths those are. The fortune teller was right!!

Escapism Anonymous (Therapist Session)

My name is Shiro escapist. Yeah you idiot you are such an escapist (conversation with self) whispering so that the other escapist idiots do not hear me. I have been an escapist probably since I was zero.

I can imagine them listening to such stories

My mum had a very difficult birth i refused to dive into the world. How complicated I refused to turn down, I stood up. Gosh gosh slaps self. I wanted to escape the world. Probably I wanted to jump out through the mouth instead of squeezing down…ok I can’t say that. Call me an escapist, it started there.

Keguro, Ms K and all the other Pisces I know are listening carefully to see if they inhabited such like habits. Luckily they didn’t.

Come to think of it, the only reason my mum never beat me after I turned 8 is because she never caught up with me. I could escape only to find my lil sis has been whipped like no nonsense. I could even sleep at my cuzos to avoid the thwacking or wait until my dad comes and I slip into the house pole pole tu. Poor woman!!!

As you guessed it my dad never chapad me for the same reason catching up with me was/is a daunting task. Poor lil sis aki the beating she has gone through coz of my escapist habits. No wonder she is so thin!

And it doesn’t end there. I am a total escapist upto this day.

Picture this

There was this guy I thought we were going out (read KM on this topic). Actually I was totally taken by the Giriama boy vibaya, I could have fed on love. I didn’t actually think there was a possibility it could be otherwise.

So one day I walked into the club with a pal of mine (God bless her). So we hang out kidogo. Then guess what the Giriama boy walks in kidogo I am seeing some babe nyuma. Ooih sweet heavens! Santa Maria SPELL H.E.A.R.T.B.R.E.A.K.

Boy sees me (my God he had such a sexy Kiswahili voice and his jokes mamamy..ook I digress kidogo) comes over, says hi and guess what boy says “tutaonana” . since when “tutaonana kitu gani?!!. Gosh I remember clearly “you wore a red sweatshirt and blue jeans”.

Anxiety, pressure rises, incoherent speech, I lost faith in mankind till today.

So anyway he goes, hangs out with babe, I see them laughing, whispers, let’s dance.

Enyewe let me tell you this was my longest night. Yaani usiku mrefu.

So what do I do; I just chill with my chic pal with her boyfy. I didn’t confront to ask ati is how that babe. Me and my escapism cant allow. Luckily is like some pretty boys know when I am in shidas.

So a pretty boy came and we talked (ofcourse he could see my concentration was zero) and my other Giriama boy was a bit jealous (my point ofcourse). As in I could be ported in escapism and taken to Bahamas but never accept to face the truth. Todate I have never known who babe was at least from him, I cannot ask. Later a friend told me of the Giriamas boy and his slutty ways.

You know what it took me another 3 years to even date another man. I took to full flirting and just men hanging around me (yaani somewhere in a kadistance) but never in my life. It worked perfectly for me; until one day I realized I could not live like that.

So warning to all those who send me messages with sexual overtones. I simply do not respond to such because I cannot deal with having to tell you I am not into such messages from you. I escape, in short! Or I am not ready to engage into that kind of activity so I will not encourage you. I digress from the session.

Let me admit, I am the kind of people who drink to avoid stress. If you see me drinking every day just know I am escaping from stress. I cannot afford to be sad, no I will escape to happiness (trust me). Only of late will you see me dull for real.

I don’t deal with issues; they somehow go away. I don’t confront my friends to ask them why they did these or whatever, it simply fades away to oblivion. I will be cold but that is it, once it is over, it is over..and that is simply me.

Session to be continued……….with confessions from other pisces escapists….


  1. Escapism ... a bad habit.

    I love to love it, though ... it's a lot easier than reality manenos.

    However, that boy should mend his evil ways. What planet is he from?

    Does he have one less brain cell? He should have wished the ground would open up and swallow him. The tutaonana vibe is just plain mean.

  2. U stood to be told tutaonana baadayes jeeez gal that was painful and that Giriama boy was soo stupid..

    Yes more Pisces unleash vibes...

  3. This escapism sounds a tad like fun. You don't have to face issues and be in a situation you just let them go by/slide? what could be better?

    That Giriama boy should know he angukiad eti mutaonana?! wapi? eeeisshh anyway situations as such I too would turn into a pisces and let it just go and forget him.

    Interesting read, Shi!

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  5. since i am a pisces i wont keep quiet on this one. lets start with mr giriama maybe that was his cuzo! why didnt you ask shiro? in this world you never assume anything you had better have alll the facts so you can take proper steps.

    Now for the messages can you toboa this maneno with names and details in some churches its called name and shame lol

    Side bar: i am convinced that if men and women were totaly and completely honest with each other on what we want we would all be happier

  6. I'm going to say this in love.Escapism doesn't help esp the older you get coz some of the same problems will simply over take you and wait for you sometime ahead.As for drinking to take away stress it simply irrigates your problems instead of drowning them!Anyway let me wait for part 2 before talking more!

  7. I agree with Shiroh, I know a couple of people who are Pisces and theres one in particular who's just an escapist kweli kweli mpaka at times U have to slap someone like three times jus for them to come back to earth !
    But all in all, nice peeps - VIRGOS on the other hand,....

  8. well, escapism helps or so I think! there are certain things that one just needs to sleep on...for a while. Time helps to place a lot of things in perspective!
    @devious don't even mention virgos, because am one and always wished i had the speed governor of pisces

  9. @ AK - Virgos ...dont even get me started on you anally retentive lot looool

    he he he he - dont take it personally lakini .

  10. dont let heatbreak ruin dating for u galfie....thats what happens with love. Its a risk we all have to take, heartbreak comes and u dust yourself. Him his huko kulaing full muenjoyo do the same gal...

  11. boys will alway be boys...
    no need to escape, they will get you eventually.
    then again, two can play the game.
    nice time

  12. Asi, mami, ati 'tutaonna baadaye' and you agreed? But swee'hat that is the full wazimu.

    If I know I am dating you exclusively and you pull such a stunt..WTF!! are you mad?! You will go look or your own club and drink there with your bitch asss babe. Do not come cramp my style.

    In all honesty Shi, that is one ass of a man man. Do not. Never allow a man to treat yoiu like that ever again girl!!! Escapism or not..that is just madharau!! F%^$!!! ati what???

    But you, you are strong mami.

    Sweetie, escapism is not the answer. You will end up running from all the goood things in life. Be gentle with yourself, treat yourself well, make it clear how you want to be treated, with respect, with care, and with love, as a woman and friend, and people will treat you as you deserve.

  13. as a fellow Piscean samaki keep talking.

    LOL at giriama guy : yaani u are so not over tha guy lol ati wearing jeans and a red...

    woiye if u didnt want my-tu-sms's si u shoulda just told me not rudely like that

  14. I am a Virgo, I live with a Pisces. thank you for putting this in perspective. I like sorting out issues and getting them out of the way completely... kabisa.
    That way I sleep soundly with nothing to worry about.
    Lakini that guy was cold

    @joe you can tell when a man you have something with is walking around with his cousin and when not.

  15. Speaking from my position as a pisces (March 13th), I beg to differ. We aren't "escapist" we simply possess the ineffable capacity to inhabit multiple realities at once, which makes us special and makes us RULE!!! As for you and guys, I suspect, my friend, that the problem is not very many people can match your mind, or make the connections you do. Try escaping from that! Since you are straight, I'm very sorry I am not a man, because I would have tuned you vibaya by now...