Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kenya and Thieves

We are an amazing country.

Today shameless members of Parliament added their mileage claims or whatever!!!

I will not delve into the issues of them being thieves as they have suffered enough



Of course the Mps are thieves and I have not known so today. Their acts might as well claim more than Goldenberg or Anglo leasing. They embrace the haba na haba hujaza kibaba. Let’s just put it this way they have no any iota of service in them. They are in it for the money.

Off to more important things

Safaricom is another thief

The company makes magnanimous amounts of profits yet keeps charging us obscene amounts to make calls and send sms.

Safaricom is the true illustration that time is money

During off peak they charge Ksh 11.00 per minute yes 60 seconds of talking costs your damn ass Ksh. 11 so an hour of talking costs you Ksh. 660. And you say talk is cheap.

And that is off peak, during peak hours it is Ksh. 30 per minute Santa Maria. I am better off calling abroad for Ksh. 10, it is cheaper. We need help!!!

And every hour someone is talking. So why can’t the damn costs just go down. I hope Huawei Technologies (See Bankelele)saves our dumb asses

Secondly the network is crap. That network could as well be borrowed from Vodafone because I don’t believe that their engineers actually work on original network. No it has to be photocopy. My calls from the Diaspora are usually mostly “Hello, can you hear me” C’mon guys you can do better.

The mobile phone costs me so much and it is not until today when I say the expense tracker on Nations new magazine called Money that it hit me just how much I spend on calls and I mostly sms people not even call.

This situation has been letwad by the duopoly. We need like 7 more mobile operators. That way we will be having offers like

“Call one minute for Ksh.1, get another one free” Mayao I can’t wait. The entry of Kencell (Now Celtel) brought the line to about 100 Ksh from obscene amounts like 3,000. so we now want the calls to go down.

By the way Kenyans I don’t know if all of you know of sasanet
where you can sms for 2.50 and they have an easy way of topping up you know. They also have free sms but I don’t like the trailer for Nakumatt then guys keep asking you if you are doing advertisements (inaudhi)

Just a thought
Kenyans must be the most stolen from people

Sample this

Your Government Anglo Fleeces you

Your Mps steals from you

Your local Kauzi mugs you huko in the estate

The pick pocketers in town pick pocket you

The carjackers not only car jack the mathree but also rid you of your valuables

If you live on Thika Road, the matatu guys pandisha fares at whims. Yaani it drizzles the fare goes up by 50%

And then there is Safaricom, the mother of them.

And there are lawyers

Land Grabbers

Institution grabbers

The list of thieves is endless

Sasa tutabaki na nini?

Aki you know what there no point. Kenya should just be sold to Bill Gates as my pal suggested like the way Abramovich bought Chelsea. Yeah just like that. I am kidding right.

By the way peoples I am looking for a scholarship to anywhere but countries like Uzbec, Kazakhstan…ama other African countries except SA. I might as well live for a year without being stolen from. Scholarship is for Post Grad. If you know hook me up with details.


  1. I feel u!

    as for scholarships, try WOTRO aka or NUFFIC both for the Netherlands.

    If you are on the legal side, Leiden University is best.

    Uzbekistan or any other country that ends with a 'tan' is a no, no sista

  2. well said sista...
    ehh the bit on thieves is just off the hook!! damn!!
    kumbe tunaibiwa left, right and centre!!!
    hii nchi is no longer ya kitu kidogo, rather ni nchi ya wezi!!!
    pumbavu hao wote!!

  3. woi! kenyan mobile connection services SUCK!!!! Because I am constantly sending sms's, I have a package, where I pay like 10 euros and that includes 1000....yes i didn't add an extra zero...1000texts which comes to a cent each and calls are then 10 cents a min. Not bad. We are in dire need of some mobile competitors!!

  4. well put - mbele all this after "National Prayer Day" did they pray for their greedy asses? Talk about lack of priorities when people are dying of hunger in Kenya.

  5. also, funny how when it comes to increasing allowances there is no more ODM, NAK, Narc-Kenya, Ford K etc but just united MPs! I wish they would be as united in passing the sexual offences bill as they are in increasing their allowances!

  6. Yes, there are loads of thugs in Kenya no doubt. Ironically Vodafone in UK who part-own Safcom have a pre-paid deal where you talk for 60 minutes and pay for just cheap is that???
    As for scholarships try I dunno how helpful the site is but it's worth a try.

  7. ak, that website is written in a language i cant comprehend. Thanks

    kritik,if you think about it, we have thieves all over the place

    kipepeo, could i borrow your package? Thats too good a deal

    kabinti, ufisi tu ndio wako nao mingi. Aarghhh!!

    groove, glad you agree with me. We have too many thugs aarggh. Asante sana for that website, it is very helpful

  8. Well done, Shiroh.

    I love the post ... and you've hit the nail right on the kichwa.

  9. Nice post!Kenyans are stolen from loads and steal from each other too!Let me not start on those peeps who "borrow" cash and stuff from you and you never see it again!But I feel your cell phone pain!Imagine alongside my package I pay $4 for 400 sms per month?!I also get free weekends, as I can talk as much as I can.Those cell phone peeps have no shame whatsoever!As for scholarships/assistantships you could try Southern poly and UGA.Will look into some others for you later!

  10. when i reached here it was shock! free nights starting from 9 to seven in the morning where you pay nothing and free weekends and public holidays. we need more competition back home, safcom is thieving like the government!

    speaking of which, just when i thought that i couldn't get any madder thosee stupid mps go on and add their allowances and say that no means yes when it comes to women. i hope we won't have memory loss when it comes to next years elections, cos i have seen my current mp be a total nitwit and i'm looking for alternatives!

  11. Shiroh, the other link in English-

  12. Thx for the sasanet link!
    As for cellphone charges: I pay about 20 EURO cents (~ Kshs. 16 /= ?) off peak and even more during peak hours. And the worst costs are SMS with EUR 0,20 / SMS nationwide (= from ALL networks). That's Germany...

  13. Ati huawei save us... hehhee.... now that's a funny one (now that i've worked for them before...)

  14. We have to save our souls from being stolen as well, I do not think they will just stop at what they are stealing now.
    Remember our future is also gone with every Kenyan being born with a debt of around KES 20,000.00 to IMF and co.