Thursday, April 13, 2006


I have been nominated for the official KBW comment Ho!! (sorry to those who are offended by that word). Yeah i am learning to accept achievements slowly but surely.
Anyway besides that i talked to Nakeel (still the coolest blogger to me, i mean gal is so sweet) and we sort of thought of organizing another meet up on 22nd April 2006.

I must say organizing a meet up is not easy coz Kenyans are not easy people. So the only thing you can do for me is VOTE FOR ME!!!!

Where: You suggest. Though with my love for Buffet Park; Space and convenience.

Ground Rules
Don't make this hard for Me and Nakeel.

Words i will not accept
Maybe i will come. I want assurance you are coming.

I know we are many; inviting each and everyone personally is difficult. So just contact me via email. sylkwan AT

I will give you my number for those who have never attended before when you email me.

I repeat Don't make this hard for me and Nakeel.

Joe could there be anything we don't know.Despite the fact that i respect people's views and opinions, i think those allegations are groundless and baseless.


  1. Sorry girl ... I have to use the m phrase. Maybe I will come.

    Hope you win the Blog Ho award. It's always nice to see your comments.

  2. Congratulations on your noms. But calling for a KBW meetup (party!) around election time is a rigging ploy worthy of KANU or the Republican party.

  3. @Wangu,one Kenyan blogger out of the plan
    @Banks,rigging happens in all elections.

  4. you go girl..
    now you have to make empty promises in order to secure those votes, ama?
    interesting meetup....
    ngoja ifike..hmmm
    when's the confirmation deadline?

  5. Congratulations..ati 'Blog Ho' award? You and Ms K are running a whole new award show?

  6. @kritik,the only one i know is you email me your namba.
    Confirmation is anyday before that day but no maybes.

    @MJY, Thanks ati we are running a whole new award show. Lemme see

  7. @MJY
    Yeah kinda like the Razzies. Lakini Shiroh's is for visiting the most blogs while mine is for blogger one would most like to shag. Actually that wasn't from me, it was anaaa jamaa LOL!

    Its a good thing I gats my hair did. Bring on the meet-up. Lakini mimi has curfew so that 5 a.m. bizness I shall not weza.

  8. Congrats Kairitu - but no,I will not step aside for you, its war.

    LOL@ Blog Ho! - you obviously have been spending too much time with a certain Couch 'tato!

  9. The rogueish dude by the pool table. Dirty boots, toothpick and a boti of Naps in the back pocket is always The Potash. Watch

  10. aha....
    jambo la maana mno.
    ningependa kukushukuru ewe dada shiro
    pamoja na dada nakeel kwa kujitolea kupanga na kuandaa mkutano huu.
    yamkini ni vizuri panapo mkutano
    wa waandishi wenye nia moja kwani inaashiria kuwa tunayoandika ni kweli tunayaamini.
    kana kwamba hii itazidi kuudhibiti
    uwiano na umoja kati ya wanaKBW.
    nasema tena ahsante.

  11. @ms k,its alright...5 a.m. just happened that day otherwise we go home early like at 8-9.

    @guess, thanx a lot..i have started campaigning.
    No comment on the 'tato kwanza he said ati you dissed him for MILO

    @potash, sawa i will obviously watch you though i wont say anything

  12. @ shiroh
    Ya'll have a ball and cause as much inter-kbw drama as possible!And congrats!

  13. Hey babe, thanks for checking me out. Have been rather busy but yes will also link your site to mine & wiill be a regular. Be good.

    KBW - what? That's my type of girl. Fearless.

    Have a good one.

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  15. Ok Joe,so what is your point???that sounds like a tantrum from a kid who feels like they are being discriminated.

    If they make money, what is your problem and mine. Millions have made money copying others; so why don't you be a good child and start your own outfit which you can also gain power and influence.

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  18. Shiroh - good job. Congrats on the nomination! I'm so happy for you. Now on to vote vote vote!

  19. Shiroh shiroh! Hope the meet up is a success. Ebu sms me when ya'll hook up so i can call and say hello!

    Thanks for your support my friend, it is much appreciated!

  20. I Withdraw all my the spoilt kid that you say i am

  21. Congrats Shiroh!! Well deserved nomination that was!

  22. naam, karibu nisahau,
    ningependa nami pia kuwaomba kura zenu enyi nyinyi wanaKBW.

    Pigieni UHUJUMU!!! (
    kura. Blogu hii imeteuliwa katika kitengo cha "blogu zisizo za kimombo ama ukipenda, kiingereza" (yani Best blog not written in English)

    kwa mara ingine ahsanteni

  23. Congrats on being nominated. Let them know being a blog ho is a hard job and winning is small way of them showing appreciation. lol!

  24. Eh me I want to know what Joe said. Haiya full KBW-gate unfolding before our very eyes!!!!

    Si unitumie barua pepe??!!

  25. Another meetup? lol i'm having an easter revelation why not do somethin different with of charity perhaps whilst binding?

    Or ur still awaiting crates of cold ones :))

  26. intersting commets allthe way. My girl si u jua hapo hapo.
    can i invite hend to this party?

  27. Sup gal maze ur comments have been refusing me to comment I have fight...
    Congrats for the nomi..
    Hope we make a good party..
    Happy Ista

  28. hey Shiroh, congrats on your nomination! and thanks for making us newbies feel welcome at kbw.

  29. Congrats Shiro & wishing you the best outcome!

    April 22nd, I will definitetly be there interatcing with all the KBWs errr...who live far from Nbi and will be online with me,lol!

    Say a big hello to Lil Sis & that's a great idea you both came up with.

  30. Congratulations, shiroh.

    Happy Easter and hope the KBW meetup goes well!

  31. congrats and happy easter. Thanks for stopping by.

  32. @aco, i hope we will have a ball. Ati Inter-Kbw Drama..i smell naughtiness in the statement
    @BJ- be a good boy and work as hard as you can. Just don't let corporate life maliza you
    @Magaidi, thanks
    @Mental, i will surely sms you i wish though i could flash you Kenyan Style. I rarely keep quiet and watch rumours going around. I truly believe in primary evidence.

    @Joe, it is nothing personal,if you could just fully substantiate your claims then we would go from somewhere.

    @kelitu, asante sana. Kazi mingi sana infact

    @ms k, we spoke. Do that please

    @gishungwa, pale pale tu
    Hend can come

    @Poi, you too. Hope you had a great one
    @Naks, damn blogger. Yeah same here
    @NIck, we could work out that one then
    @Akiey, thanks and congrats too.

    @Mshairi, thank you and congrats too.

    @Labelle, hope you had a great one too.