Thursday, April 20, 2006


Inspired by Mental and Bankelele,this post is to request all yah who go for holidays to hook me up with vital travel websites

The ones i have been hooked up are

(courtesy of Kipepeo)

I am sure they are many more.

The Key here is reasonable cost and convenience.

On the Meetup
Since i am not working from kesho wacha i give you last minute details

Meeting will be at Buffet Park
On Saturday
As from 3-4 onwards
Hope to see you there.

And good news Milo is back for who this meet up is a welcome back. We promised last time so hopefully for Kenyan Gal in June again and my promises will be over.

I promise some pictures (like those of Mocha DJ)

Enjoy your weekend thoroughly and hook me up guys!!!


  1. let me add (run by a pal), (for last minute travelers), and

  2. walalalala....aki i hope you have a nice holiday. as for sites, what are you looking for exactly for your holiday?

    this meet-ups you are fanyaing for KBW come sija invitiwa? wacha i kuja that kenya you are buying the drinks as compensation - LOL!

    Email me kando I patia you digits...when i fika those sides we hook up.

    if i dont hear from you...have a nice holiday and i will be waiting for the pics that's for sure.

  3. Nice pics and ya'll have fun now!

  4. LOl Bankelele Buffetparkwalevi...
    Hope to c u kesho..
    We Mocha see the blogs it was posted for all yeah and the meetups have Mshene kabisa sweet talk me I can feed u...

    Shi catch u and I will be in the briefcase for the Holiday...

  5. @Bankelele,Thanks a lot, i see going to Ethiopia is now not a very distant dream.Will check out the sites on Monday. I am in a cyber now so..But i have checked footsteps, tell your pal they have a timamz website

    @Mocha, wooiyee you are invited but you are so far babes. Tell us when you are about to kuja and we shall do one in your honour
    I am looking for Kenyan SAfaris website
    @aco, enjoy weekend too.Thanks

    @nakeel, catch you too. buffet park walevi is a bit funny.