Friday, April 28, 2006

You all thought i was gonna let this pass

I am sure folks you were waiting for juicy gossip from me on the meet up and then Monday Blues caught up with me and i couldnt give you them.

On arrival

I walk into buffet park and Naks (co_host) is sitting with my ka-under eighteen called Tomas and Milo.

So we sit, Milo and Naks are both into football and some match is playing. Between idle talks Milo is watching foota fervently.

Murmur one
" I hope KM just shows up and delivers"

After all the award was a great one.

We tell Milo that KM is a soft and shy one.

So guys began to kuja one by one...

Kritik comes in after some calls and settles. Agizas his powerful one.

Milo tells us he has to get 3 seconds (don't ask what)

Enter Gish (looking like she was run over by Richot and clearly the girl has been on nights)

Gish is a high powered gal.

Wangu makes a haste entry and settles down and agizas a cold fanta.

Anyway soon Ms K (the blogger one would most want to meet) come in with none other than the man who owes allegiance to me (Nicholas Gichu). No comment.

Ms K agizas a Pilsner and a cold one at that. Very warm gal and now i know why all of you want to meet her. Nick of course is into fantas and tea (wonders he didnt agiza for some milk)

So it has started drizzling and we have to go and ingia ndani.

We pay our bills. Mdogo mdogo Milo has done a strange disappearing act. 3 Seconds mpaka!! (don't read anything)

Soon the Malts msichana by name Naks has taken are beginning to show effects. Now i know what gal means by she is a plate. Tomas and Kritik are having the gals attention all at intervals. Wewe Tomas si we agreed you were my under eighteen?

Anyway we know who had the day.

So Tomas now has to leave. He tells me that the previous day he had received strokes and he has resolved regular strokage ni muhimu. So he leaves in a haste saying he has a family dinner to attend. Now all you know why he left..

KM kama kawaida sneaks in more than 4 hrs into the meeting. Milo kaguas nicely and by his looks he is not disappointed by what he sees. So between sitting on Nick and Milo taking each a chance to talk to her. Guys cant you just see the girl has just gotten a lay.

By the end of the night guys have all gone their separate ways. Some of us ended going home at 3 in the morning. Yes we did all have fun and i have photos to show.

Milo dropped KM.

Half the story again. One day i will tell all the story.

Anyway I will take a Leave of Abscence. I have an exam in June so....

Do take care.

Miss me.