Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why do you blog

Why do you blog?

If someone asked you why you blog what would you say?

To record my ideas

To share my world

It is my personal diary

But truly why do you blog?

Do you hope to become a writer

Are you a writer already

I have been at it for an year plus and I cannot say why I do it.

It’s just an addictive habit.

The whole bloggin thing includes Blog hoing also known as reading other blogs and commenting

Just to ask you why do you blog?

Not why you started blogging but why do you keep doing it??

We all know that the reasons we started bloggin is no longer what keeps us. In a way KBW has helped me keep blogging.

The truth is some of us didn’t know the word blog came from the word weblog or who even came up with teh idea of blogging. Side bar

Why i quit blogging