Thursday, April 13, 2006


I have been nominated for the official KBW comment Ho!! (sorry to those who are offended by that word). Yeah i am learning to accept achievements slowly but surely.
Anyway besides that i talked to Nakeel (still the coolest blogger to me, i mean gal is so sweet) and we sort of thought of organizing another meet up on 22nd April 2006.

I must say organizing a meet up is not easy coz Kenyans are not easy people. So the only thing you can do for me is VOTE FOR ME!!!!

Where: You suggest. Though with my love for Buffet Park; Space and convenience.

Ground Rules
Don't make this hard for Me and Nakeel.

Words i will not accept
Maybe i will come. I want assurance you are coming.

I know we are many; inviting each and everyone personally is difficult. So just contact me via email. sylkwan AT

I will give you my number for those who have never attended before when you email me.

I repeat Don't make this hard for me and Nakeel.

Joe could there be anything we don't know.Despite the fact that i respect people's views and opinions, i think those allegations are groundless and baseless.