Monday, April 10, 2006

Compatibility or lack thereof

Confession: Blogger block has caught up with me. So i am struggling to write this post.

My friend is dating this sweet man. As a matter of fact it is a guy i like as a person. He does all the right things. I am sure he cannever forget her birthday, will throw in bunches of roses at the right time. Will stop everything if she said come and come now. He is a good person so to speak.

I am sure you are wondering and so what is the problem? I for a long time thought thattheirs was a match in heaven. I mean i have a bad habit of dating people who don't treat me well. But there is trouble in that house. And this trouble is sheer lack of bedroom skills.

Leading to the first equation

Good Boyfriend= Bad Lover


Good girlfriend= Bad Lover

If you are a good mathematician you might wish to extrapolate the equation and see what you get.

And it is such a problem that she is even considering a break up. I feel compelled to tell her not to break up with him but there is nothing i can do. The lack of this compatibility is a big problem.

I am sure there are many guys who have also experienced such kind of shidas with their good mamas. So often while we may all wish for this goddess,, it doesn't always happen.

And when i read this post though the writer could not understand why women are attracted to him when all he does is hurt them.Truth be told, sexual compatibility is crucial for a good relationship. And that is why women will keep going back to guys like that guy who keep hurting them.

This brings to my conclusion that you cannot have everything. I am not saying I will strut the Paris catwalk before you can get a good boyfriend and a good lover and vice versa. No infact some people I know have had both.

I had this mama friend, the chic is supa dupa fly (is there such a word) as in curves right places. Then she is going out with this dude who is not all that but he is a good man in her opinion. Then dude will once in a while talk about his ex. The way she is sluty and all that. But at the end of the day dude rudianas with this sluty ex to her peril. Good girl lost again.

So what happens with these good people? Do you help them work on their inferior bedding skills. Do you go ahead and marry them after all we are oftenly told “marry a man/girl you trust”. Can you live with 30+ years of a bad lay? You know it can be hurting to be told “aiii Shiroh, your kanyangain skills are wanting”.

If you were in my pal’s (being a gal or a jamaa ) position, what would you do?

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