Tuesday, October 02, 2007


For some reasons i decided to put every Kenyan from under Fantastic!

I forget they are the most tribal people around East Africa. Infact they are so fantastic that every time some other tribe person hears my name i am warned of the repercussions come next year when the "said" people will come into power. That is the one hot day in hell when they will.

I have even forgotten they keep on shoving me on the streets, i mutter to myself that maybe they are in such a hurry that in the next one minute they could lose all and peace comes to mind. Maybe i should learn to body bump them too.

And even when they assume i should pay a bribe or two to do the work someone has been employed to do. I think its all fantastic after all why not, they are poorly paid civil servants who deserve extra coins.

Keep driving at 180km/hr and then blame the transport minister. The Fantastic matatu/personal drivers. how can you even tell the difference anymore? We have to get home drunk/sober at 80km/hr or 180km/hr and even when we cause accidents it is because of the transport ministry. I totally AGREE, its the ministry.

I would imagine a situation when i did not have anyone to blame. It would make me uncool.

I have nothing for the things they do to make my life easier like not keep the queues if no one is supervising. How else? Jumping the queue is totally cool, why wait when you can jump?

and also even if nobody can understand your mother tongue, why bother to talk in English or Swahili?