Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It takes more than a pretty face

To sell.

So yesterday i went hunting for a phone.

I met thesebeautiful gals at a shop.

I picked up this phone which i thought was kinda cheap but had all good features.

I asked them the very basic questions, aki they should have been subjected to EGM;

"How many phone book entries"

The more pretty one replied

" It can write i think 250 words"

I ask again

" I mean the phone book"

The less pretty one (beautiful but not as the first) intervened
"I think it can store 400"

So i ask
"What about text messages"

The more pretty says
"250 words"


The less pretty one intervenes again

" It depend on the length of the sms"


I tell them i am asking about the inbox

The less pretty (TLP) says
"I think 20"

Asi!I think to myself even the Motorola V2288 i once owned did better [20?]

My first phone.

I tell them i am not sure

"Ok i think 40 messages but it all depends on the length of the text, you can write more than one sms and then it will be .........." TLP says

I stopped there.

Just incase i asked whether it had blue tooth and i was told

"Apana hii haina meno"