Thursday, October 11, 2007

a little nonsense

Is cherished from time to time.

So today i was in a mat with this guy[who i had just met] so there is this bongo song by Ali Kiba [i think] which has a line

"Ulinitesa sana,sababu nilikupenda wajua, kijijini huko kigomaa, Leo niko dar, alinipenda nishamuoa, " or something like that and also "ulinitesa kigomaa"

Lovely song though tskindafuckinghardtomasterthosekiswahililyrics. And the boy is deliciously delicious.

Anyway the dude got touched and he started telling me that he had a wife who he married when they were poor and when she got rich, she left him and surprise the wife is a Mchagga [the tz equivalent of kikuyus] and on top of that has refused to divorce. So he told me
he would substitute the words for "Ulinitesa huko Kangemi".

Now i know there are so many things to be cynical about from the cynic himself

But i suddenly felt that i needed to laugh not at him, not at the song, but juz bcuz it was funny. here i am enjoying the latest hit from the bongoland and a man so relates a song to his circumstances.

No wonder i love bongo.

They have a way with their words like this one

"Sema kweli unachotaka mami, sema kweli unachotaka hunny, wachana mawazo kishetani, ukiniacha mimi nitabaki na nani, nakutafuta nione sura yako nakutamani uuh baby" Doggman mimi nakupenda


Mi ni mshamba wa mapenzi. Now how do you come up with such?