Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear diary

Tuesday 1700hours
Its the Moi day eve, fellows are excited. They have packed up the town, they wont go home, its holiday tomorrow so i also won't. I am gonna join them [the drinkers club].,I think i won't work 1 more second, so i get out to go somewhere, anywhere. I scroll my book wherever i can find the peoples. then they start calling, i reply with non commital voice. I want to freely choose with who and where i want to be.

I stupidly end up hanging with two guys who both don't know what position each hold in my life. They joke about it. One say he is miscellaneous. I don't confirm anything. Its not my business, yet i enjoy every minute of it, the tension,the silent competition. I do these things once in a while. I don't know if its ego stuff [maybe it is]

19.00 hrs
I didn't mean to play any games

I am in another sneaky place where my boys might have some fun. They though won't concentrate on the fun. I am starting to get bored

The fun has not started.

The fun kinda start but as i said i am already bored. But i suddenly got energy. There is this song that makes me want to dance but the existing dancers are better than i. Considering also they have no fat content, so what is this i eat that i don't? Anyway the boys are getting interested in the dancers [phew].

I think these boys have forgotten all about me, now they have moved closer to the dancers and are looking at them with these hungry eyes. [now i know why men are the same]. I think i will text someone, to indicate i might just be bored. Ok i won't.

I should be asleep but i am kinda very sacrificing so i let the boys have their fun. There is nothing funny about zerofat content gals.

I have had it. They are moving to the next level and i am not about to watch. Anyway there is so much evil in the air. I think i should never have come here in the first place. One of the boys has got himself good company. He is enjoying. He is not leaving he says, the show has just beg[a]un. I can't hold it anymore i sleep.

I start walking out

On my way home [yippee]. The driver is playing the Late Chibalonzas songs something about don't choose the devil and such things. I am remorseful and call Santa Maria for forgiveness for the things i have not done. The drinkers club is going home, they are all singing along"Yesu eeh nakupenda". I am touched.

I regret my actions from 1700hrs-0300hrs.

This is extraordinarily funny

even this one