Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Raila Vs Kibaki

Well it seems the devils of politics are with us again for the rest of the year.

And me i am for Kibaki for obvious reasons;

  • He has done the donkey work of moving us from point A to between point A and B.
  • He is security. I am sure he will not wake up and pull a Mugabe on us
  • Kenya will never be the same again
Not that he is the best leader. Infact Raila is a better leader than him in terms of decisiveness and do i say eloquence and all that jazz.

This country has been saved from eruption by 1. Kenyatta who though did nothing to correct colonial injustices, helped us move forward. 2. Moi, despite his 24 years of magnanimous misrule and plunder ensured we did not have a civil war. 3. Kibaki, post Moi should have been a time for revenge et al, we won't have moved an inch if that what he settled on.

Now it is clear, the civil service is back on track at least, even Matatus (repeat) are observing the white lines otherwise known as zebra crossing,

Dear Kenyans, it is only important to know, no president would do anything to our pockets. We have to work. Countries like the old US consists of people who work sometimes for more than 20 hours on a daily basis to meet their goals.

I think it is only fair that we don't be like the masses who crucified Jesus to ask for the clemency of that Barnabas.