Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Celebrities Wanted ASAP

I must be really bored. I googled Kenyan Celebrities. I got one here, i don't even know here. So it means we are lacking in celebrities. And you know what on top are pictures of Angelina Jolie et al. Kwani when did Angie become Kenyan, she hasn't adopted any Kenyan POOR CHILD you know ingalau maybe Kenyan by parenting.

One of the most hit websites must Because people love reading about others. So now i think we should get a school for celebrities. Give them makeovers (remove excess fat, long broad nose, big ears, chubby cheeks, too big bottoms) yaani all undesirables have to go. How can we have only one celebrity. Not fair!

Anyway i am really not feeling well now a story to be told to the children in the series "How i met your dad". Me i have drama for four seasons plus adding the producer's extras i can make 6 seasons of "Kids this is how i met your dad". I have not met their dad so that would make it 12 seasons of how i met your dad. aaih am i feeling famous already?