Monday, November 12, 2007


Never seems to stop amusing me. If i were his campaigners i would get a tape/DVD/VCD and label it "Presidential Comedy" and sell it. Preferably make it very expensive because it is not possible that one man could be so funny. Or better still Redkyullas could have Kibaki as himself, Tony Njuguna does not do it as Baba would.
Why do i say that. Juzi Baba Jimmy....angry at his rivals said " Kenya hii ya Nairobi...." Which Kenya of Nairobi is this???
Anyway i have been amused at this year's general elections. Being a Baba Jimmy fan, i had never ever thought that he could do pull a "IN the mud" campaign.
It started with the DOMO campaign and FANYA KAZI. That campaign is too fresh
Don't get me wrong, Raila's and Kalonzo's campaign make sense. Infact i love them especially Kalonzo's. I believe that it is possible for Kenyan; economy to run on 24 hours, i also believe we need reconstruction, In every sense we need a revolution. But To be honest the Men claiming to bring Kenya to Mercurial status are just not credible. I do not trust Mr. Odinga with Kenyan peace.
After the DOMO campaign is the unofficial biography of One Raila Odinga. It is funny, it claims the Man never went beyond KAPE and was bottom of class despite the fact he was 17 years and no secondary school could admit him. After that he went to Russia and did WELDING and came back to Kenya with a Masters in Eng. I don't think propaganda could go beyond that.
Anyway i have noticed with keen interest the number of young handsome Men in the race in Nairobi. Lets vote the most handsome of them all so that even if they do nothing, they will please us wit their faces everytime they appear on news. How well does the man from my constituency William Omondi compare with the young Marto? Or Mwenje with the one on the Bill board hapo karibu na Doonholm Caltex? Zero.
So vote wisely. Vote Handsome.
The only old (lacking in looks department) man allowed to the 10th Parliament is Baba Jim.