Tuesday, November 27, 2007

People think that i am stuck up

but thats really who i am- Lilian Muli in an interview with True Love
I don't know if this is a coincidence but i happened to meet her through a friend just recently for about 3 minutes or less. Stuck up no!
First when i read her interview that was last month i almost felt sorry for her. Who is that with guts to confess that people do not really like her or that she is lonely.
For those who know not of whom i am talking about, its our sexy KTN News Anchor (Prime time). So its not of main importance that i met Lilian Muli but because she said people don't like her, she finds it hard to make friends and the fact that i met her confirms that she has no capacity or capability to make friends or people to like her.
It takes no guess that Lilian tries very much to be sexy which works coz she is all dolly and with the weaves and anyway if people think you are the sexiest well me i Shiroh have no objection.
So anyway let me just tell you what happened........She was introduced to us and looked up just a bit and started whispering into her other known person (she has no friends so anyone she talks to is someone known to her). In a way to suggest you guys really i couldn't give a rat's ass (thats from M) who you are, i don't care to know your names and really i don't really care, you can go to hell, i mean you unimportant people, look here i am the Diva so really..........
And why have such an attitude then pretend people don't like you! I mean someone buy her a copy of Dale Carnegie's How to make friends and Influence people. You know what people many of them forget you coulda be at the top (or so you think) but don't think others are licking dogs to make a living, really!
Everyone is interested in themselves in the same way you are interested in yourself and the fastest everyone knows that the better.  i was disgusted by her demeanour and obvious childish behaviours, who whispers into anyone's ears anyone. Then some guys were calling her and she just walked past them (Total Diva).
To me being a News Anchor is something nobody should be proud about, i meet men of substance daily who go on their business without a "NOTICE ITS ME" attitude.