Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Britney Spears

Away with PNU and the DOMO
So me am a hugest fan of Britney. I totally do love Britney. So i am requesting the confused, drugged Britney to come to Kenya undrug and unconfuse herself.
I just wonder what is wrong with marriage
Look at Whitney Houston and her Bobby Brown. Whitney was a super diva back then, she moved many a man to dedications of her song " I will always love you"  over 101.9 Metro (hottest FM then ) at  10. Y'all old you do remember then?
Then now there is Britney. After her marriage to what's his name again, the gal has just been going downhill. Two babies in two years drove our Britney mad, absentee adulterous man capped it. She is stoned, shaven and gave the worst performance in this year's MTV, has even kissed Madonna (aiiich Brit)
Anyway i will introduce beloved Brit to where after a trip all over Kenya she will be singing her way to Awards. Who can sing Toxic and I am a slave for you to me again??
Then pop star Victoria Beckham, 3 boys within such a short span makes a woman's career dead.
I think marriage for many pop stars, divas can only compare to our own very black men to White women. I am thinking
Jeff Koinange and the scandalous that woman, whats her name
Cricketer Maurice Odumbe with his many white women who testified against him
Oj and his murdered wife
The list is countless.
Don't marry if you are female star
Black men leave white women alone


Anyway i also love the comedy "How i met your mother" and for those who know what i am talking about these are the killer quotes.

I am saying that my blog is Legendary!