Friday, November 30, 2007

Tempting Michuki

Today we passed through the estate Michuki lives when coming to town. All Matatus from Thika Road were threatened during Michuki's tenure as minister of Transport that they would be shot if they tried to use that route. Now that the Government has taken leave of absence why not enjoy the traffic less Michuki Neighbourhood. 

If there is anything i love Michuki for is for saving young school girls. You know Conductors and Drivers used to dress so well that any school girl who at that age is concerned with the way a boy "ameng'ara" than anything else used to fall for these guys. And the young men would give them "raos" to and from town and then show them the ways of Kenyan love. Now he forces these young jamaas to wear plain maroon ugly overalls (coz thats what they look like) and no gal, school going or otherwise wants to look at them. Talk of killing two birds.

Now as usual any matatu driver knows that they cannot tune in to any other radio station that is not Classic 105. So i  was asking myself where is it that Maina gets all that energy in the morning. And so a lady asked him how comes he is always laughing and you know life is not all rosy and all. So he says something very important "If anything is not working in your life, Fix it or let it go".  I guess then thats it. Fix it.