Thursday, October 04, 2007

If i had Harry Potters Cloak

Just for a moment imagine wearing that cloak of Harry Potter and then you are suddenly invisible and you can go anywhere and listen to people's conversations without them seeing that you are. Ooh men i would have a ball!

  1. Your ex, do you know what he/she says about you, would you like to know, maybe, maybe not. if its maybe, get a cloak lol.
  2. And all those days your husband/boyfriend keeps you waiting endlessly with the "i am working late". And you know spy services are not cheap either, don't you wish you could get the cloak and search, enter rooms, hotels and see whats been upto. But then again if he is just in the office, lose cloak and own up!
  3. Me, i would like to get to the President and Cabinet meetings and the Raila ones. I wonder what they discuss. Lets go spread leaflets all over Rift Valley and Central province. What really happens when cooking Anglo leasing, i can only imagine" Wewe Mwiraria ndio utasign hapa na ukiulizwa useme ni PS".
  4. Then i would snoop into conversations of Nairobians. These people know everything, you want to know who killed who where, they know, who is sleeping with whose husbands,they know, Damn how good it would be, it would make my blog more interesting. Unfortunately, snooping is healthy for writing
  5. Then i would hit somebody's head from above and they would never know its me, brilliant me! Or slap their butt from behind (dayum). Ad have so much fun, somebody stop me!!
  6. Then i would never queue. Infact i would never queue
  7. Then i would scare people, yaani once i am infront of you, i toa the cloak, which kipindi is this?